Find the best 7 similar alternative VPN vendors like Mullvad / @mullvadnet@schoujar@OpenVPN
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Got this feedback: 1. use the proper configuration file for his OS, 2 please make sure to use different browsers, if that is iOS use SAFARI @mullvadnet@schoujar@OpenVPN
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please contact with info about selected options, target operatingsystem etc

Zak @zakcrypt0@CryptoCoyote@NordVPN
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I use mullvad, €5 a month and you can pay through btc, don’t even need an email address or any personal info to sign up they just give you an account number @mullvadnet

A large part of our

Mullvad app is implemented in . As heavy users of Rust, we are proudly sponsoring and attending in Nov. Get your tix and meet us in Barcelona! @mullvadnet@ja0k0010
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Hi. No we do not support other protocols than Wireguard and Openvpn. There will be a mobile app soon. @mullvadnet@mrphs
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It does check for update and will have a message visible in the main window if update is available. The app will be more aggressive if there is a security need for an update compare other needs. It does not update automatically since you will be unprotected during update

Sweden Jobs @Sweden_Jobs_

Desktop Backend Developer to Mullvad VPN’s App Team // Gothenburg: Oddwork Sweden AB - Gothenburg - We believe that privacy is fundamental to a well-functioning society where norms, ethics, and laws can safely be discussed and challenged. That same…

m @pokkst

With the anonymous registration, there will be no "accounts". Similar to Mullvad. You don't need to make an account on my site. When you sign-up you are given a user id, which grants you access to your user page with the ability to download OpenVPN configs or renew your plan. @mullvadnet@Hacklicious
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Yes, mobile apps comming. But it will take some more time! @mullvadnet@EndlessTrees
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The problem is renting dedicated servers. @mullvadnet@EndlessTrees
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Tried to find and order server there many times, gave up. Can't find any. If you do know any good provider please tell us! @mullvadnet@Face27553965
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Under development. iOS to. @mullvadnet@gurrera_j
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Thanks. I will pass to for investigation

Pontus Falk    @PontusFalk

See what's in our newest app release (2019.6) - Blog | Mullvad VPN

Zian Smith @zian_smith

As an affiliate marketer, you can't pay me to write good reviews. I think that's a taboo affiliates shouldn't do. Additionally, if you like a service/product, talk about it! I wrote a post about Mullvad VPN and they dont have an affiliate program. Mullvad has free software!

Hacklicious @Hacklicious@mullvadnet
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“Turn off system notifications” Thank you for this! My biggest pet peeve with the Mullvad client was that I couldn’t disable notifications conveniently in the app itself. Also, any plans for an iOS or Android app? OpenVPN works and all, but I’d like to see a Mullvad mobile app.

kevin @kevinhqs

I just published Most private VPN I’ve ever seen: Mullvad

Stefan @mullvad_stefan

Just setting up my Twitter. @mullvadnet

Update your Mullvad

app! We're out with a new version, 2019.6.

kevin @kevinhqs

Most private VPN I’ve ever seen: Mullvad

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