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Andrew A. Orluk @DioShiba

Two things: Relieved that I finally have access to internet that won't disconnect me every hour and a half for one. For two, I cannot wait to get that cintiq I've been wanting for some time now.

Elfloch @Berthe1Alex

Hey, it's my second games who disconnect me and reconnect in while, i can't do anything, my connection isn't bad, but i caan't played, when the game started, i disconnect and reconnect all the time, pls fixed this, more bug in 2 days, it's horrible...

Eclipse @DelArcadiaSX

>Housemate: Tries to disconnect me from internet >Downloads Legacy 1 before he can

JAVP♡ @_Ninj4ish_@DeadByBHVR
Replying to

I know my internet is shit but when i played dbd on console the other day it took 20 min to find a lobby. Only for the game to disconnect me in the middle of a game. That doesn't usually happen. Hope you fix it soon

Jerry Bakut @bijerry

The fact that you are aware that I am not at fault and you still go ahead and disconnect me smirks of incompetence and inefficiency on your part. I implore you to do the needful and not delay any further. I have not had light since the 15th of July.

please take note.

Jerry Bakut @bijerry

is this how you use to do? Why will you disconnect me because my neighbour has not paid their bill? I didn't have light for over 48hrs and upon complaining at your office I was informed that it is because my neighbour has not paid his bill.

LeaponConcepts @leaponevents

Fraud everywhere.

sent me this, "We have a juicier offer for you! Reconnect IUC 4622570068 on GOtv Plus with N1,900 by 26 Jun & get activated for 2 months on GOtv Plus .T&C apply"..... I paid & after 1 month they disconnect me

Heatskolnik @heatskolnik

WHY DO U MAKE IT SO DIFFICULT TO REACH A HUMAN?? 2 times tried to call. Keep trying to give me to digital assistant and then disconnect me. Tried to suspend line online. Error messages. WTF????

jbhaber @jbhaber@ReedAlbergotti@geoffreyfowler
Replying to

What about extensions claiming to "block the otherwise invisible websites that track your search and browsing history" while at the same time admitting that they access and store unlimited client-side data (e.g., "Disconnect" by


freke gabriel @stfreke

pls I'm yet to get any reply as to why u want to disconnect me after texting me of two months free subscription..

Chris Smith @ChrisSm29582093

Why when I'm chatting to one of your online advisers does chat bot come back and start again and disconnect me from the chat? Also why we're here why do you treat new customers better than me? Why should I pay more for my service than someone new?

Shokugeki_SomaKun @Baruto2

I'm about to quit and probably never play heroes again. They disconnect me when it's not my fault and put me in 4 qm/brawl matches to play which take forever. Alot of us went from high tier to Bronze league. 😭😭😭😭

Spectrobits @Spectrobits

I'm taking many more losses than wins this time compared to other Splatfests. At least hotel Wi-Fi is more consistent and doesn't disconnect me as often.

Mel @Angelic2Sin

Overwatch why did your servers just disconnect me twice in a row? Seriously wtf. I am willingly playing your game but oops guess not, your shitty servers keep kicking me. Can’t wait to be penalized for something I can’t control

iannick bedard @BedardIannick

Is it normal that I can't invite anyone and when I try to invite someone it disconnect me from the servers?

Thorn @Thorn45572683

Got a 100x battle. There was 5 seconds left and we were winning. And then boom, Nintendo decides to disconnect me :)

soluna rain @SolunaRain

yall cut my service off and I make a payment and setup to make the rest later. Service restored and 20 reconnect fee then yall disconnect me again the next day! Charging me another 20! Rip off!

Victoria Hudson @TheirVictoria

- Hello. Can someone please assist me? I have been embroiled in a tire warranty nightmare - and it appears it's only getting worse. Thank you. I have called the Pirelli 800 number - only to have it disconnect me four times. So now, I'm here... Please. Please. Please.

Becky Bee @enigmafighter@IRSnews
Replying to

I was on hold for an hour and 20 minutes, someone picked up, pushed buttons while I said, hello and disconnected me. I am now on my second time of being on hold. Just passed the one hour mark. If they disconnect me again, I will cry.

Michael @M1chae1111

There are better people than their so-called better people. There is always someone bigger. And since you are doing this all without me, I don't want to be involved. Disconnect me from this. Committment is the opposite of sexing someone new. Over before it began. Never about me.

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