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Thousands avid fans of movies and TV shows visit Solarmovie every day in search of the latest, freshest entertainment. Unfortunately, some leave the popular online streaming site disappointed because they didn’t find what they had hoped to find. If that has ever happened to you, make sure to read this article to the very end because we list the top 10 alternatives to Solarmovie to ensure that you’ll get your daily dose of entertainment.


Solarmovie Mirror Sites:

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What Is Solarmovie?

Solarmovie is a popular online streaming site that offers a seemingly endless supply of high-resolution movies and TV shows. While most content on Solarmovie is in English, there are also movies from Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa.solarmovie

Some call Solarmovie “the Netflix of online streaming”, and it’s not difficult to see why. Solarmovie is an exceptionally well-designed online streaming site that takes usability to the next level with its polished user interface that requires absolutely no explanation, as well as with its attractive thumbnails that make it easy to find interesting movies and TV shows to watch without reading boring descriptions.

The one thing Solarmovie has in common with most other online streaming sites is the fact that the site doesn’t store any files on its servers. So, if you’ve been wondering how is possible for a site with so many newly released movies to still be online, now you know.

Top 10 Best Alternatives to Solarmovie

As great as Solarmovie is, there’s still room for other online streaming sites to shine. If your hunger for movies and TV shows is insatiable, we guarantee that it won’t take you much time before you stumble upon something interesting that’s not available on Solarmovie. When that happens, it’s great to have a few alternatives up your sleeve. Listed below are the top 10 best alternatives to Solarmovie that we could find in 2020.

1 PrimeWire


PrimeWire is the godfather of online streaming sites. It has been around for such a long time that even its colors are starting to age and fade into gray. And we don’t even want to mention the rest of its amateurish design. But the rusty façade hides such a wealth of content that you would need to be resurrected at least twice to consume it all.

2 GoMovies

solarmovie alternative

Except for its color scheme, GoMovies is so similar to Solarmovie that it’s sometimes wrongly listed as a Solarmovie mirror. The two online streaming sites even offer virtually the same selection of movies and TV shows, but you can say that about most online streaming sites. GoMovies has a useful feature, called Night Mode, that reverses its color scheme and makes the site easier on the eyes.

3 Moviewatcher

watch movies free online

Moviewatcher is a quickly emerging online streaming site that knows that simplicity nearly always trumps complexity. The site offers movies and TV shows in 720p and 1080p, and it allows its users to conveniently download any movie or TV show for offline viewing. Moviewatcher indexes content from well-known content providers, and multiple alternative streaming and download locations are typically available.

4 PutLocker

best solarmovies alternative

PutLocker is one of the oldest online streaming sites in existence. Apart from Hollywood blockbusters and other staples of Western cinema, PutLocker also offers a sizable selection of Japanese anime, Asian dramas, and cartoons from around the world.

5 Housemovie

Housemovie is a fairly inconspicuous online streaming site that hides a lot more content than you might think at first. Like so many other online streaming sites, Housemovie is supported by ads, but you can avoid them by using just about any popular web browser extension for ad-blocking.

6 WatchFree

stream movies online

WatchFree is on a mission to make movies accessible to people from around the world without charging anything for them. If a business model like that sounds unsustainable to you, then you still have a lot to learn about online streaming sites. But for now, you can explore WatchFree either by searching for a specific movie or browsing trending and newly uploaded movies.

7 WatchMoviesFree

websites like solarmovie

WatchMoviesFree provides free movies, and the site clearly states that it’s always open to negotiations with copyright holders. We would be too if we were operating a popular website with some of the largest blockbuster movies that are trending at the moment.

8 Yesmovies

watch solarmovie

The homepage of Yesmovies features a very prominent search bar, allowing you to enter the name of any movie or TV show that comes to mind to find it. Unless you fancy obscure movies, we guarantee that you’ll almost always find what you’re looking for.

9. ZMovies

watch solarmovies online

Zmovies is a barebones online streaming site that has movies of all genres, including action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, family, fantasy, history, horror, music, musical, mystery, romance, sci-fi, short, sport, thriller, war, and western.

10 MovieFlixter

how to watch solarmovie

MovieFlixter is a new online streaming site, and we predict that it will be a rising star of 2020. The site’s minimal design manages to display a lot of useful information on a small area without negatively affecting the site’s overall usability.


Never Visit Solarmovie without NordVPN

Most online streaming sites, including Solarmovie, don’t host any content on their servers, but many internet service providers simply don’t care. When they discover that a customer is watching a movie on an online streaming site, they log their customers’ activity and send him or her a warning letter. Those who continue can expect to have their internet speed dramatically restricted, or their activity reported to authorities.

solarmovie vpn

That’s why you should never visit Solarmovie—or any online streaming site for that matter—without a reliable VPN service like NordVPN. Based in Panama, a country with no mandatory data retention laws, NordVPN is widely considered to be a VPN leader, and it couldn’t be easier to get started with it.

How to watch Solarmovie with NordVPN:

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Solarmovie has inspired many online streaming sites to follow in its footsteps and offer a broad selection of fresh movies for free to viewers from around the world. In this article, we’ve listed the top 10 alternatives to Solarmovie that are available in 2020 as well as 10 Solarmovie mirrors that you use when the main site is down. We’ve also explained why you should never visit Solarmovie without a reliable VPN service like NordVPN.