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Fans of torrenting television shows should be familiar with the EZTV torrent site. From its start in 2005 until its demise in 2015, EZTV was one of the best sites for downloading torrents of newly released TV episodes. If you wanted the best variety of brand new TV shows, EZTV was the place to go.

eztv torrentThe website suffered a hostile takeover in 2015, but re-emerged after its shutdown and still exists today, although there are definitely some issues that revolve around the operators of the site. It still delivers millions of torrents a month to adventuresome users who get their television fix from EZTV.

The List of ExtraTorrent Proxies & Mirrors:

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Why Can’t I Reach EZTV?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to get to EZTV when you want to download some content. Since it is a website, there is always the potential that it is not operating when you are looking for it. Perhaps they are moving the servers to a new location or something like that.

More likely, your access is being blocked by your ISP due to your geographic location. Some jurisdictions have strict laws against copyright infringement, and when you are downloading your torrents from those countries you might be breaking these laws. Your ISP may also block you to conserve bandwidth as they are aware of the type of activity that you will be engaged in when connected to EZTV.

How Can I Access the Site if it is Blocked?

You can always take advantage of the many EZTV mirror and proxy sites that are available via a quick Google search of the web. These sites contain all of the content of the original site, and their IP addresses may not be geo-blocked or known to your ISP.

eztv proxy

Another way to get around being blocked is to use a VPN to spoof your location and access the site from a country that does not prohibit its use. You might want to consider using a VPN anytime you access torrent sites to mask your IP address and keep your activities anonymous. You may also find that using a VPN affords you greater speed when you are downloading content.