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KickassTorrents is downAt one time, KickassTorrents (KAT) was the most visited torrent site on the web, bypassing the enormously popular Pirate Bay. The site was started in 2008 and reached its pinnacle in 2014. It went offline for a while in 2016 but has been revived by some of its former staff members.

You might have been a visitor to the site if you use torrent files to access online content. Torrent files give you the means to download newly released movies, music, television shows, ebooks, and software. You access and download the content through a peer-to-peer connection. The files can be large depending on the type of content you are downloading.


The List of KickassTorrents Proxies & Mirrors:

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checkkatcr.toon OnlineVery Fastssl on On on OnlineVery Fastssl on On
checkkickasstorrent.cron OnlineVery Fastssl on On
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Why Do They Block Sites Like KickassTorrents?

Cmon, you think no one cares about all that copyrighted material being downloaded for free? Someone would like to get paid for creating that content, and they have powerful connections in business and politics. Access to KAT may be blocked by the government based on the location in which you live. Maybe there are stringent copyright laws that are being enforced by your ISP.

KickassTorrents Mirror Sites

Sometimes an ISP may block access since they know that you will be using substantial bandwidth to download your content. A frustrating aspect of torrent sites is that they sometimes just suddenly seem to disappear or become unreachable.


What Can I Do When They Block it or Take it Down?

Relax, pour yourself a tall, cold one, and find a way to defeat the blockade being perpetrated on your online activity. Download a VPN and start spoofing your location to a country which allows you to access all the torrents that your heart desires. Hide your IP from your ISP so they can’t throttle your download speed.KickassTorrents Proxy

Another route that can help you get to KickassTorrents if the site is down is to search the web for mirror or proxy sites that replicate all of the content that you wish to download. You should be able to use one of these methods to get around any roadblocks that are put up to discourage your torrenting.


KickassTorrents was a popular website that provided a directory for torrent files and magnet links to facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. It was widely used to download various types of media, including movies, TV shows, music, and software.

KickassTorrents has faced numerous legal issues and was shut down by the U.S. Government in 2016. The site’s domains have been seized, and its founder was arrested, leading to the site’s inaccessibility.

A torrent is a small file that contains metadata about the files and folders to be shared, and also a list of the network locations of trackers, which are servers that help participants in the system find each other and form efficient distribution groups called swarms.

When you attempt to access KickassTorrents, you are likely to encounter a message stating that the site cannot be reached or that the domain is for sale, indicating the original site is no longer operational.

Using KickassTorrents itself was not necessarily illegal, but downloading copyrighted material without permission through the service can be, depending on local laws and the specifics of what is downloaded.

Torrenting can expose users to risks such as downloading malicious software, violating intellectual property laws, and facing legal consequences, as well as potential threats to privacy and cyber security.

There are several legal alternatives to KickassTorrents that provide content through legitimate means, including subscription services such as Netflix and Spotify.

You can legally download content by purchasing it from legitimate sources like online stores, using services that offer content for free with the permission of the copyright holder, or through licensed streaming services that allow downloads for offline viewing.

Malicious torrents may lack user comments, have an unusually small file size for the content, or be uploaded by anonymous or new users with no track record. Always be cautious and use reputable sources.

Yes, your IP address is typically visible to all participants in a torrent swarm, and thus, can be tracked by copyright holders, regulatory bodies, or other parties interested in monitoring file-sharing activities.

Some governments block access to torrent sites like KickassTorrents to prevent copyright infringement, discourage illegal downloading, and protect intellectual property rights.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps with torrenting by masking your IP address, encrypting your internet connection, and routing your traffic through servers in different locations, which can enhance privacy and bypass geographical restrictions.

After the shutdown of the original KickassTorrents, multiple mirror and clone sites appeared claiming to be the resurrected version of the original. However, their authenticity and safety are often questionable.

If you unknowingly downloaded copyrighted content from KickassTorrents, it is recommended to delete the content and refrain from sharing or distributing it further.

To recognize a legally operating torrent site, look for indicators such as partnerships with content creators, clear copyright notices, availability of licensed content, and the absence of pirated material.

Yes, if you download or distribute pirated content, you could potentially face legal action from copyright holders or law enforcement agencies.

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) sometimes block access to torrent sites at the request of law enforcement or as a result of court orders to help deter illegal file-sharing and comply with copyright laws.

Torrent sites like KickassTorrents often generate revenue through advertising, which may include pop-up ads, banners, or sponsored links. Some of these ads could be intrusive or malicious, further contributing to the riskiness of torrenting.

Yes, if you encounter illegal content on torrent sites, you can report it to the website’s administrators, copyright holders, or appropriate legal authorities.

A torrent client is software that enables you to download and manage files shared via the BitTorrent protocol. You need a torrent client to download and upload torrent files.

If you’ve accidentally downloaded a malicious torrent, you should disconnect your device from the internet, run a reputable antivirus scan, and remove any detected malware. Change passwords and monitor your device for any unusual activity.