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The internet gave birth to the era of peer-to-peer file sharing, which has disrupted how people around the world access music, movies, and software. But technology progresses at a relentless pace, and peer-to-peer file sharing no longer meets the needs of modern internet users, who are connected all the time and are used to content being available with a simple tap on the screen.

That’s why online streaming sites such as GOMovies have been gaining so much popularity in recent years, and why we’ve prepared this article.

What Is GOMovies?

GOMovies is a popular online streaming site that offers a mind-blowingly large selection of movies and TV shows of all genres. The site has a deceptively simple design that doesn’t exactly advertise the fact that the site is a full-blown alternative to Netflix, Hulu, and other paid online streaming subscription services.


Unlike many other online streaming sites, GOMovies doesn’t require users to register before they can start watching, making it great choice for those who value their privacy and anonymity. It’s hard to say precisely how many movies GOMovies has in its library, but it doesn’t even matter because we guarantee you’ll never run out of things to watch.


GOMovies Mirrors:

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Is GOMovies Legal?

There’s one aspect in which GOMovies is no different from other online streaming sites: it doesn’t host any content on its servers. Instead, it relies on an extensive network of third-party content providers with servers around the world.

You might think that this would make GOMovies 100 percent legal, and many judges would with you. However, not all countries see it the same way, and many would like to see all online streaming sites, including GOMovies, disappear from the internet.
If you live in a country where online streaming sites like GOMovies are not allowed, you need to take one extra step to access it: you need a virtual private network service like NordVPN.

vpn for online streaming siteBased in Panama, a country that does not participate in the Five Eyes or Fourteen Eyes alliances and has no mandatory data retention laws, NordVPN routes your internet traffic through a remote server to hide your real IP address and encrypt all incoming and outgoing data.

The service has been around since 2012, and it has been praised for its state-of-the-art security, support for Tor-Over-VPN, and affordable prices.

How to watch GOMovies with NordVPN:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on the prominent red button to purchase a discounted subscription plan.proxy for gomovies• You can also click on the My Account button in the top-right corner of the site and then on the Sign up link at the bottom of the Log in page.
  3. Choose a plan. We highly recommend the 3-year plan because it saves you 75 percent, which means that you get to pay just $2.99 a month, instead of $11.95.NordVPN for gomovies• All NordVPN plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you’ll have plenty time to decide whether NordVPN is worth the money regardless of how you choose.
  4. Create an account.VPN to watch movies on streaming site
  5. Select one of several available payment methods, which include credit and debit cards, cryptocurrencies, and others.
  6. Download the NordVPN client and install it.
  7. Launch the client and log vpn for gomovies
  8. Establish a secured VPN connection to any NordVPN server and enjoy GOMovies!vpn service for gomovies

Top 10 Best Alternatives to GOMovies

1 Putlocker

gomovies unblocked

Putlocker is an old school online streaming site that has been copied and mirrored so many times that it should receive some kind of award. There’s one reason why Putlocker is still so popular: you can always count on it to have exactly what you’re looking for.

2 Ololo

Ololo is a video streaming link search engine that indexes hundreds of thousands streaming links for the newest movies and TV shows. The site launched in April 2020, and it has since then become an excellent alternative to more traditional online streaming sites like GOMovies.

3 Hubmovie

gomovies website

Hubmovie is a fast online streaming site with simple design that makes it easy to discover new movies as well as timeless classics. Registered users can submit links to movies and make request movies to be added to Hubmovie’s library.

4 PrimeWire

sites like gomovies

Let’s face it: PrimeWire won’t win any awards for its design. The site has stuck with its outdated layout for much longer than it shouldn’t have, but it’s easy to forgive it since it offers such a broad selection of interesting movies and TV shows.

5 SolarMovie


SolarMovie is an emerging online streaming site that really seems to know what it’s doing. We especially appreciate the fact that it works flawlessly even with adblock software, which unfortunately can’t be said about many other online streaming sites.

6 Popcornflix

websites like gomovies

Not to be confused with the Popcorn Time, a free software BitTorrent client that includes an integrated media player and another great alternative to GOMovies, Popcornflix is an online streaming site that offers both movies and TV shows to visitors from around the world.

7 123Movies

gomovies alternatives

123Movies doesn’t just scrape movies from the internet, listing them without any categorization. Instead, it properly tags, categorizes, and describes each and every movie added to its already sizable database to help its users find what they’re looking for.

8 YesMovies

best gomovies alternatives

When it comes to well-designed, feature-packed online streaming sites, YesMovies is right at the very top. YesMovies lists movies by genre, country, IMDb rating, and other criteria to help you find something interesting in no time. Ads, while present, are not obnoxious, so the site is usable even without adblock software.

9 Niter

 best gomovies alternatives 2020

Not many people expected Niter to be such a huge success when the site first launched not too long ago, but the site has managed to establish itself as a trusted source of the latest movies. All you have to do to watch a movie on Niter is click on a poster and click the play button—it really couldn’t be simpler than that.

10 CMoviesHD

gomovies watch free movies

CMoviesHD is a well-designed online streaming site that should satisfy the needs of even the most demanding fans of online streaming. The site has over 1,000 followers on Twitter, and we highly recommend you follow it as well to be among the first to hear about new features and planned shutdowns.



When choosing an online streaming site, content isn’t all that matters. The site’s reliability, speed, and trustworthiness are all just as important as the number of movies and TV shows it offers. GOMovies meets these and other criteria with flying colors, making it one of the best online streaming sites out there.

Despite its many merits, you should still access it only with a reputable VPN service to protect yourself against network monitoring and other forms of surveillance intended to expose the online activity of regular users.