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Good piece on the hapless effort to create an intellectual case for the stew of grievance, xenophobia and conspiracy theory that is populist white conservatism

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In our ongoing obsession with making VPNs fight each other, we've pitted

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You may come to a point of stillness today. The world around y... More for Leo

Andrea Still @astill73@mynamesnotgordy@ColinDMello
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As the daughter of a former mayor of a small city in SK in the 90s we were regularly interrupted by phone calls at home at all hours. However, he was approachable in the office, at events, etc. If you want to hide you shouldn’t be in public office.

Robert Astill @RCANOTTINGHAM@SunManUtd
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Wow amazing simply stunning news

Andrea Still @astill73@DietitiansCAN

Information and, dare I say it a little shade, all wrapped up in one tweet. Awesome.

Canada's new Food Guide is most definitely based on science. It encourages vegetables, fruits, whole grains and protein foods (including dairy). If you have a picky child, a dietitian can help - here is some info to get you started
Andrea Still @astill73@So_damntired
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Any self-respecting Saskatchewanian of a certain age would know the correct term is Vi-Co and not plain old chocolate milk. 🤷‍♀️

Andrea Still @astill73@astill73@TheSciBabe
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Ugh. And of course I misspell my name in a tweet. 🙄

UniQq @YourrRomeo@miss_cillaama
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Astill dey here, when i get home

Daniel Astill @Dastill@RevProUK

This is incredible, one fo the few chances to see the man before he hangs up his mask in January.. I need expirence seeing in person you just once

This is destinyyy!

Do not miss this opportunity. JUSHIN THUNDER LIGER will be in action. Sunday August 18th. Cheltenham Town Hall. Tickets:
Michael P @MikeyWire@A_Astill@david_fifita_
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And as you said you will still be supporting the team you love and he’ll find a new club.. Some of these people who crawl up the backsides of certain players are the ones that just like selfies with them !

Grant Naylor @sausagegrant@A_Astill@Poundland
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Fair play to them 😂

Richard Astill @therichastill@GMFree1@ShonenKnife_Mgr@BadGigPics
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It was an excellent night. Really good fun.

Richard Astill @therichastill@ILoveStevenage@HertsPolice@BBCNews
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There are meetings every Thursday night at that location and there are ALWAYS people standing on the side of the road and central reservation. I have seen police on roads nearby with speed cameras too.

Andrea Still @astill73@kennuck

👇 Good plan for when canvassers show up at your doorstep ahead of the 2019 federal election.

Two young PC canvassers came to our door today. They had no response when asked why they were Conservatives, couldn’t tell me one thing our PC MP has done for us, had no idea what being a Comservative meant and had both attended private faith based schools. Frightening.
kwame.sannie @ksannie7@MR_obrajnr
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After life sef astill go chase am😭

Andy Astill @A_Astill@CallMeKevin1811
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My dad might know when he's back from the shop! He's been gone 10 years so he's gotta come back soon

Andy Astill @A_Astill@ponteraces@IJF_official
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Races still on I'm guessing?

Adam Astill @moose_astill@Lynchy_77


Me when Uber Eats driver says am on your street but can’t find number
Richard Astill @therichastill@AntPrr@TheUnderworld@ShonenKnife_Mgr
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Absolutely! Everyone around me was enjoying themselves.

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