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With Brexit looming, one of the most popular questions advisors in our network are being asked is "what will happen to my pensions?". Skip past the scaremongering and read our balanced overview of what's probably going to happen:

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I Live In Canada. Where Do I Pay Tax On My UK Pension? A member of Expat Network's community asked where her UK pension will be taxed having emigrated to Canada. Richard Watts-Joyce, Partner at Global Tax Network responded to her query.

joeymaxlewis @lindaplewis

so I binged watched Years & Years on my expat network. sorry HBO, but... it's awesome! can one family change the world? you bet! we made this mess, it's up to us to fix it. if the tv PM can go to jail, so can dt. we must stick together. it's so so important. HE MUST GO!

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My Expat Network Review – Fulfill Your Streaming Desires

Nerissa Marbury @OneEpiphany@SFerika

A5 I participate mostly online due to frequent travel. Types of community - Alma mater - Sorority - Ski - Travel and expat - Industry For IRL options, I get input from my local network & use platforms like

Q5: What mature communities (online and offline) are you part of? What do you think makes them successful for the long haul?
Expat Network @expatnetworkltd

I Live In Canada. Where Do I Pay Tax On My UK Pension? A member of the Expat Network community asked a question about where her UK pension will be taxed having emigrated to Canada. Richard Watts Joyce , Partner at Global Tax Network responded to her query

David Gallagher @TBoneGallagher

Nice to see humanity reaffirm itself occasionally ... I mentioned on some FB groups for American expats that my son is looking to build his (future) professional network before completing his final year at

- and the response has been overwhelming. You guys. 🤘🏼

Monichis @MoniSibisteanu@AndraZaharia
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I've already closed temporary my account for three times by now, but what makes me come back are work, friends (helps me get the RO vibe) & some expat communities that are so active on FB as I couldn't find them on any other network, which is handy when you're an expat.

Trey Menefee @Comparativist@tianyuf@ElliottZaagman
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look... I spent 4 yrs there. >90% of my friends/social network were local. Didn't live in an expat bubble. (1) doesn't explain the overall trends, (2) is not what I said, (3) i'm a sensitive guy! not like I asked in a classroom. Starts with wink wink, nudge nudge

steve g @steve_expat@robnashville
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My wife's a CPA so ESPN+ is an absolute godsend for me when she's in her busy seasons, Which seems to be all the time. I dont watch network TV shows & dont go the pubs anymore. Heard all the same stories a million times.

Expat Network @expatnetworkltd

What Do I Have To Do To Complete My Renunciation Of US Citizenship? A member of the Expat Network community asked about his duties to file to complete the renunciation of his US citizenship and we Greenback Expat Tax Services responded

The Frugal Vagabond @frugalvagabond

Time for my quarterly white hot rage at

for blocking all network connections from outside the US. This time: mobile app edition. Do they really expect that every account holder will permanently reside in the US?

miss idgie @missidgie

EVERY expat Texan in my network TO THIS DAY sends monetary support back home to fight for the LGBT community here. Every. Single. One. <3 <3 <3 THAT'S how you bitch about Texas.

dan pape @colabo

Missin’ my Senpai (that’s similar to mentor in Japan) Mr.Joey Slick. Every Friday after I started Yokohama Expat Network I volunteered my time to have the amazing opportunity to…

Daman - National Health Insurance Co.Verified account @DamanInsurance

“I’m an expat mum and running enthusiast. My running journey began in 2013 as a typical postpartum mommyhood experience where I realized all it takes is baby steps, incremental goals and a support network. Running can change your life. It’s changed mine." - Renee Hanna

(((Rob Martin))) @DigitalNomadRob@EduRonen@teachmrj
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My wife is Mexican. Imagine her reaction. 😂😢. I would think

would have higher standards. Maybe they let the intern run the show that day. 😉 As a long term expat, I return home annually and view most network news as fluff, certainly the evening news. 👎🏻

WeAreXpats: @WeAreXpats

I'm from California, USA and left behind a job in Silicon Valley to start a new life in

. When I came here I started German classes, made friends and expanded my network by going to expat events, and eventually founded my own company . *pic at Belvedere*

Noel @eng_cam_noel@uk_domain_names
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Feel free to contribute to our My Expat Network page on FB. Systematically dismantling the No Deal nut jobs is such fun !!

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