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7 Best YIFY Torrents Proxy and Mirror Sites in Oct 2024

YIFY Torrents, also known as YTS, is a boutique torrent site that specializes in high-quality movie releases. All YIFY movies are heavily optimized to be as small as possible, making them popular among people living in rural areas and those with a metered internet connection. But, like most torrent sites, YIFY Torrents tends to go through brief periods of unavailability, which is why you should familiarize yourself with the best YIFY Torrent proxy and mirror sites that are currently out there.

This article has been updated in October 10, 2024

Top 7 Best YIFY Torrents Proxies

Here are top 7 best YIFY Torrents proxy sites:

Top 7 Best YIFY Torrents Mirrors

Here are top 7 Best YIFY Torrents mirror sites:

The chances are that some of the YIFY Torrents mirror sites listed above won’t work when you try them. If you open a YIFY Torrent mirror and find out it doesn’t work, we recommend you simply try the next one or try again later.

Top 7 Best YTS Torrents Alternatives

Apart from YIFY Torrents, there are many other movie-oriented torrent sites with very similar content.

The Pirate Bay 

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If there’s one torrent site that needs no introduction, it’s The Pirate Bay. Apart from YIFY movies, The Pirate Bay has everything from games to music to TV shows.


This YIFY Torrents alternative specializes in movies and TV shows, offering only verified torrents from trusted uploaders.


If you’re a TV show fanatic, EZTV is the right YIFY Torrents alternative for you.

Nyaa Nyaa

Arguably the best place for anime lovers, Nyaa offers a massive selection of Japanese anime, manga, games, movies, and other content. Most torrents are in Japanese, but English torrents are not hard to come by as well.

TorLock TorLock

This general torrent site has become popular for its clean interface and fresh movies.

ruTracker ruTracker

You don’t need to speak Russian to fall in love with ruTracker. This enormous semi-public torrent site has everything you could ask for and possibly even things you didn’t know existed.

Torrentz2 Torrentz2

Unlike the above-mentioned torrent sites, Torrentz2 is a metasearch engine for torrents. You can use it to search multiple torrent sites at once to find the best torrent available.

What’s the Difference Between Proxy and Mirror Sites?

There’s a big difference between YIFY Torrents proxy and mirror sites. While both proxy and mirror sites allow you to circumvent internet censorship and access YIFY Torrents even if your ISP blocks access to it, only YIFY Torrent mirror sites can help you download YIFY movies when the official website of YIFY Torrents is down.

Essentially, a mirror site is a copy of another site hosted on a different server. Mirror sites are often created by the owners of the original site, but some mirror sites are run by volunteers. As we’ve already mentioned, the main advantage of mirror sites is that you can access them even if the original site goes down.

One disadvantage of mirror sites is the fact that they are typically behind the original site. Let’s say a new torrent appears on YIFY Torrents at 2 PM on Friday. The chances are that most YIFY Torrent mirror sites won’t list the torrent until Saturday, and some may take even longer.

On the other hand, a proxy site is a site that acts as an intermediary for requests from a client seeking resources from a different site. Perhaps you had a crush in middle-school but were too afraid to ask the person yourself if they liked you back. So, you send out your friend to ask on your behalf. That’s sort of the gist of how a proxy server works. Because of how they work, proxies are great for accessing blocked content on the internet and avoiding online censorship.

Who is YIFY?

YIFY is an alias of a New Zealand-based pirate who began uploading torrents to various public torrent sites in 2010. In an interview with TorrentFreak, YIFY stated that his goal was to bring Hollywood films to the masses at file sizes that were accessible even to users with bandwidth and hard drive limitations.

ytsYTS isn’t the first movie pirate on a mission to bring people high-quality movies that don’t take days to download. Before YIFY entered the scene, aXXo dominated the charts. Specializing in leaking DVD-quality rips of new movies, aXXo uploaded high-quality movies that were under 700 MB large, so they could be burned to a compact disc with minimal effort.

The era of DVD-quality rips started to end with the growing popularity of x264, a software library and application for encoding video streams. X264 allowed YIFY to release movies in excellent 720p, 1080p, and 3D quality at unprecedented file sizes.

Apart from excellent video quality, YIFY movies also stand out with the quality of their presentation. “I personally think that many people are following and downloading YIFY encodes due to the consistency we offer in our releasing. Everything from the consistent film cover art, to the information layout, and ultimately to the file-size of our encodes,” said YIFY.

YIFY’s reign ended rather abruptly in 2015, after the MPAA shut down YIFY’s official website and signed an unprecedented settlement with the uploader, most likely involving a damages payment as well as some type of information sharing. As is often the case, it didn’t take long for impostors to fill in the gap left by the original site. Today, there are many clones of the original YTS site on the internet, including the wildly popular YTS.AM site.

Is YIFY Torrents Safe?

The original YIFY Torrents site, called YTS, was a place where torrent users from around the world could safely download the latest movies. That site is no longer accessible, and many different YTS clones have stepped in to replace it. While most file-sharing enthusiasts agree that no YTS clone will ever be as safe and trustworthy as the original site, there are certainly some YTS clones that are just as safe as most popular torrent sites.  

How to Access YIFY Torrents Anonymously?

While there’s nothing inherently illegal about accessing YIFY Torrents, there also many reasons why you might not want your internet service provider, employer, or government to know that you’ve visited the site. We’ve already introduced YIFY Torrents proxies as a simple way how to access the site anonymously, but you have other options as well.

How to Access YIFY Torrents Using a VPN Service?

VPN stands for a virtual private network, and it’s essentially a private tunnel that can provide you with a safe and encrypted connection to any website on the internet. The simplest way how to set up this tunnel is a VPN service such as NordVPN.

You simply create a user account with ExpressVPN, download their client to your personal computer or mobile device, and sign in. The client will automatically configure everything for you, allowing you to enjoy the internet without the possibility of anyone observing your online activity.

How to Access YIFY Torrents Using Tor?

TorTor is a free software application that can hide your IP address and significantly increase your online privacy. Tor relies on a massive network consisting of thousands of relays, each of which conceals your real location and identity.

Tor is completely free, open source, and takes just a minute to set up, but the speed of the Tor network is fairly limited. While you can download torrents through the Tor network.


YIFY Torrents has become synonymous with high-quality movie releases that don’t take days to download. While the person who started the site is no longer active on the file-sharing scene, many others have decided to take his place and create clones of the original YIFY Torrents site. In this article, we’ve listed a number of such clones, as well as other torrent sites where you can find YIFY movies.


The best YIFY Torrents proxies and mirror sites that were operational in October 2024 included,,,,, and These sites allowed users to bypass ISP blocks and access YIFY’s library of torrents.

These proxies and mirror sites can be used by entering the URL into a web browser, which will redirect you to a copy of the YIFY Torrents website, effectively circumventing any ISP restrictions and allowing you to download torrents.

Proxies and mirror sites are necessary because original sites like YIFY Torrents often face legal challenges and ISP blocking due to the sharing of copyrighted material. Proxies and mirrors allow users to access the content without directly visiting the blocked website.

The main purpose of a proxy site is to serve as an intermediary between the user and the internet, allowing users to bypass internet filters or censorship when accessing websites, in this case, YIFY Torrents.

Some YIFY Torrents proxy and mirror sites may be safe, but they can also be risky as they might host malicious ads or not encrypt your traffic. To ensure safety, always use a robust VPN service.

The original YIFY Torrents site, also known as YTS, was shut down by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in 2015 due to copyright infringement concerns.

Yes, using YIFY Torrents proxies and mirror sites can potentially lead to legal issues since downloading copyrighted content without permission is illegal in many countries. Always be mindful of the laws in your region.

A proxy site only routes traffic through a different server to access blocked content, while a VPN provides a secure and encrypted connection to a private network over the Internet, enhancing privacy and security.

YIFY Torrents proxies and mirrors get taken down regularly due to copyright complaints, but new ones often emerge to replace them. Constant monitoring is required to find working sites.

Generally, YIFY Torrents proxy and mirror sites host the same content as the original site, as they are essentially copies of it with different URLs to bypass blocking.

It is highly recommended to use a VPN when accessing YIFY Torrents proxies to ensure your online activity remains private and secure, and to avoid potential legal consequences.

Alternative torrenting sites include The Pirate Bay, 1337x, RARBG, and KickassTorrents, but like YIFY Torrents, they may also require proxies, mirrors, or a VPN to access. Always use legitimate sources to ensure compliance with laws.

You can check the availability of a YIFY Torrents proxy or mirror site by attempting to access it in your browser or by using online tools that check whether a site is down for everyone or just you.

Trustworthy sources to find updated proxies and mirrors include community forums, social media groups dedicated to torrenting, and websites that specialize in tracking proxy/mirror site lists. Caution is advised to avoid phishing or malicious sites.

The use of proxies and mirrors can sometimes affect download speeds due to additional traffic routing, but this varies depending on the quality and location of the proxy/mirror server.

YIFY Torrents proxy and mirror sites have different domain names to circumvent ISP blocks and to distinguish themselves from the main site, helping users find accessible options.

Look for a proxy or mirror site with good uptime, secure connections HTTPS, and positive user feedback for reliability and safety.

Most YIFY Torrents proxies and mirror sites retain the main site’s user interface for familiarity and ease of use.

If you download torrents from YIFY proxies without proper security measures, such as a VPN, you could expose your IP address, risking legal consequences and potential cybersecurity threats.

To support creators, consider purchasing content from legal sources or subscribing to streaming platforms where the content is officially available.