This article has been just updated: May 23, 2020

One of the ways to get media content online is through the use of torrent files. These small files direct you to the location of the actual media that you are interested in downloading. ExtraTorrent (ET) is one of many sites scattered across the web that cater to individuals who want to share files through torrenting.

extratorrent mirrorThe site had grown to rival the Pirate Bay in terms of size in 2016. It was voluntarily shut down by its owners in 2017 and has sprung up in a number of different reincarnations since that time. If you are looking to download torrents of newly released music, movies, and television shows, ExtraTorrent may have what you are trying to find.


The List of ExtraTorrent Proxies & Mirrors:

checkextratorrents.chon OnlineVery Fastssl on On
checkextratorrent.sion OnlineVery Fastssl on On
checkextratorrents-cc.comon OnlineVery Fastssl on On
checkextratorrent.agon OnlineVery Fastssl on On
checkextratorrent.cdon OnlineVery Fastssl on On
checkextratorrent2.neton OnlineVery Fastssl Off



Why Would Anyone Block ExtraTorrent?

unblock extratorrentSince much of the content that is available at ET is copyrighted, there are powerful forces which would like to limit your access to it. In some cases, you may be geo-blocked from the site due to where you live. Some ISPs will block access or throttle your connection rather than expend the bandwidth on your request.

It’s a website, so it might just be down for some reason. In that case, it is not really blocked, but still unavailable. You really don’t want to hear a story though, you just want to download some new tunes.


What Can I Do If I’m Blocked?

If you are truly blocked by your ISP or location, you can get around the blockade by using a VPN. When you use a VPN your online activities are kept private by masking your IP address. You can also spoof your location and use a VPN server in a country that is not concerned about what you download.Extratorrent proxy

In cases where the site itself seems to be down, you can use mirror sites that replicate the content of the original site. This may also work to fool your ISP if they are not aware of the names of the mirrored sites. You can find the current mirrors by searching the web for ExtraTorrent mirrors or proxies. Once you find one that you can reach, you should be good to go.