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My fear is an inability for civil discourse. It’s ok to disagree as you search for truth. There is no my truth or your truth just truth. Fueled by victimhood, identity, tribalism social media is enabling intellectual laziness while cloaked in anonymity.

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Re identity politics it may mean that less agreeable aspects are cloaked over. I think there are gains in humanising groups which may have been unfairly maligned which can only be good but the risk of not being able to address uncomfortable topics is not good

Chinmayi SripaadaVerified account @Chinmayi

Thankfully awareness made sure that teachers can no longer hit their kids, at least in some strata of schools. Because violence is normalised and cloaked with ‘Love’ in homes we don’t even realize when our partner (whatever the gender identity) does it to us.

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Ariel's identity isn't her whiteness.. it's being a mermaid. A movie about a trans man, wait for it, is centered on their identity as a trans man.

Mohammad Ali Talpur @mmatalpur@ninoqazi

State has

cloaked in Religion Doing away with Baloch identity is there aim In this report claiming that there are Baloch 'Religious Nationalists' is too far fetched a conjecture, They can only fight for Sectarianism and Pakistani Nationalism.

what i took from this article the use of org to penenrate areas at costs. those who want to maintain a strangle hold on 220m souls in pak for have made us so vulnerable we have become our own worst enemies.
Albert @ALBERTOZ87

9. Disciple over dinner — Luke 24:28-32 After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to two of his followers on the road to Emmaus. With his identity cloaked by God, he talked with them about all that...

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Jesus warned, “I cannot guard against identity theft.” i.e. The Deceiver will “come cloaked in ‘Light’.” Isn’t this perfectly clear now? I mean—getting the greatest boon (life in Paradise forever) unearned, for a simple pledge of loyalty?! Folk really should have known all along.

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Read the dear Rabbi's article from ur 1st embed. Stunning display of Jewish identity politics cloaked behind appeals to "Torah" (which really means Talmud) & so-called Jewish values/virtues. Near the ENTIRE game is cloaking Jewish identity politics behind whatever mask fits.

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Public awareness? matty Larson Aquarian? chekco ?cloaked arbitrary ?car paint trespassing? fraud identity car tags plates? Audit ban preposetion property seize

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No you should be proud of your German 🇩🇪 identity. Diversity of cultures breaks down barriers. Boris is cloaked in obscene privilege! His definition of sacrifice is not being able to finish a book on Shakespeare as he feels oppressed campaigning to become Prime Minister! 😢🐊😪

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I don't read them anymore. AUC admitted they were in the election to help LNP. He lied to the electorate and AEC in being a cloaked candidate. Shelton lost so is an insignificant identity with the mental illness that is homophobia and transphobia. He needs medical treatment.

Jordan @JordanHarrold@DonJBacon@realDonaldTrump@GOP
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You are way out of the mainstream, sir. Discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity cloaked in “religious freedom” is transparent, just like all the other so called “values” you held so dear when a Democrat was in the White House.

YRM @MYgiRuinedMe

In front of him were silhouettes whose identity was kept indistinguishable, the result of the very convenient staged setting. Their cloaked backs were facing Namjoon but they didn’t give off an intimidating feel even with the air of animosity.

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It's not about Birtherism fam, we just don't trust cops! It's not a purity test either! She cloaked herself in

for a win and told us she ain't got no Black agenda. Brother we have moved from an identity based group to an agenda based group. It's this time. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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The great thing about being a cloaked anon on Twitter: you can claim to be anything. A civil rights lawyer for many years who never, ever tweets about civil rights. And uses "identity politics" until caught out.

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I would say I am grateful: this country gave my grand/parents an opportunity to work hard, make sacrifices & excel while keeping their own identity, so I could do something not available to them in 60s. Better to keep playing it forward then focus on the cloaked comments

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The central purpose is reclaiming our identity, advocating for transformative policies and agendas for the Native African American community. Obama cloaked himself as "Black" but had no Black Agenda. Kamala is cut from the same cloth.

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Their whole deal is to attack the free press with bad-faith pieces about "the left", "intellectuals", "identity politics", etc., cloaked in being a think-piece outlet. The thoughts contained in the think-pieces just happen to be completely, cynically disingenuous.

Zach Clifton   @HeadlineHOUSE

How does it feel to be a target of a mass identity theft. The great victories that Obama delivered have you down as being political crime victim #1. Obama cloaked in our lineage delivered the greatest Democratic victory since Roosevelt. I've established motive.

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