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AirVPN launches

cipher on 3 Data Channel in an app for the first time ever. Use ChaCha20 right now thanks to OpenVPN 3 development by AirVPN: higher performance and longer battery life for Android devices.

Shooter Crypto McGavin @getderb@CryptoCoyote@CryptoJ0ules@NordVPN
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Fwiw I have nordvpn and had airvpn previously. Airvpn ui isn't as nice as Nord but I couldn't watch the super bowl abroad on nordvpn but I could on airvpn the same day. Airvpn is faster and more private imo. They accept crypto too

CryptoJ0ules @CryptoJ0ules@SweatPeaches69@imBagsy@NickelsSpitting
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Year, AirVPN. It's ran by hackivist, they accept multiple crypto coins as payment, no logs, no bs just VPN. They also contribute and donate to projects, like Tor, and

CryptoJ0ules @CryptoJ0ules@karl_livingston@imBagsy
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You can with AirVPN 👍

You're welcome.

CryptoJ0ules @CryptoJ0ules@CryptoCoyote@NordVPN
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AirVPN is the only one I use. They have fast servers placed in strategic locations, no logs, they accept dozens of crypto as payments and allow you to watch Netflix by different country.

VPN BROKER ONE @vpnbrokerone

Need a VPN? We have choices for you! PureVPN:

AirVPN: TorGuard: ExpressVPN: NordVPN: IPBurguer: SpyderVPN:

Air VPN @airvpn@Saidjsq
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Hello! Our web site is not down (check also with

). It is normally reachable just like it has always been in the last 8-9 years. If your ISP blocks you can try

Rohit Batra @rohitbatra82@SearchEncrypt@ActiVPN
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Friends dont let friends use NordVPN. They are run by a shady Lithuanian data mining company TESONET

VPN BROKER ONE @vpnbrokerone@JellyKuwanger@anquibaze71
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Use one of these! PureVPN:

AirVPN: TorGuard: IPBurguer: SpyderVPN:

Well damm, thanks for the info, time to find a better VPN
Kawaii Katherine @Ftw_Katherine

>People are only just realizing Nord is a fake VPN company Well, duh. How do you think they got all of those ads? Particularly over OpenVPN, PIA, and AirVPN?

Tore a johansen @Tore_a_johansen@ProtonVPN@SearchEncrypt
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Wow, this i didnt know. Nice, keep up the good work👍

CyberGhost VPN @CyberGhost_EN@DividendRaptor@airvpn
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! You can find out more details about our affiliate program here: .

Said @Saidjsq@airvpn
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Even your web page not accessible!

VPN BROKER ONE @vpnbrokerone@some_pidgeon@ClassicCeri
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You can use one of these! PureVPN:

AirVPN: TorGuard: ExpressVPN: NordVPN: IPBurguer: SpyderVPN:

Not on Australian Netflix tho, so you'll need a VPN at least
VPN BROKER ONE @vpnbrokerone@zoeftnhc

Ours are not free, but you can use them without any problem! PureVPN:

AirVPN: TorGuard: ExpressVPN: NordVPN: IPBurguer:

let me know if you have a free vpn for the UK, so I can watch love island x
VPN BROKER ONE @vpnbrokerone@Ravalo354@RippedToad@stopvaccinating@h_santhosh
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Ours are not free, but sometimes, best things in life aren't. PureVPN:

AirVPN: TorGuard: ExpressVPN: NordVPN: IPBurguer:

Can you recommend me a vpn that doesnt cost money?
ShanyG @shanytc@SearchEncrypt@ActiVPN
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, the rest is shit

ProtonVPN @ProtonVPN@Tore_a_johansen@SearchEncrypt
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All our Nordic servers support P2P actually, but Sweden is the country with the best P2P performance :)

Tore a johansen @Tore_a_johansen@SearchEncrypt@ActiVPN
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off course, if they could get more p2p servers for the nordic countries it would be perfect.

WiKey Leaks 2.0 @JulianInsange@Katya_Compass@rogerwaters
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