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The most popular Youtube Videos ever by social shares

Here is the list of Top 500 most shared Youtube Movies / Videos on social networks ever:

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The popularity of a YouTube video in the context of social shares is defined by the number of times it has been shared across various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and others. The more a video is shared, the higher its visibility and reach become.

Social shares for YouTube videos are measured using analytics and tracking tools that monitor the frequency and platforms on which the video link is shared. These metrics are often accessible through YouTube’s own analytics or via third-party social media monitoring tools.

Typically, content that is emotionally engaging, entertaining, relatable, and timely receives the most social shares on YouTube. Viral music videos, influential challenges, funny pet videos, and inspiring stories are some common examples.

Yes, certain YouTube videos have reached remarkable milestones in social shares. One prominent example was the Gangnam Style video, which became extremely popular worldwide and was one of the first to hit a billion views, partly due to massive social sharing.

People share YouTube videos on social media for a variety of reasons, such as to entertain friends, spread awareness about a topic, express personal interests, or to participate in popular trends and challenges.

High social shares can lead to increased visibility, a broader audience, and potentially more revenue for YouTube content creators. It also enhances their chances of going viral and boosts their overall online presence.

Yes, paid promotions through ad campaigns on social networks or YouTube itself can increase the social shares of a YouTube video by elevating the video’s exposure to a targeted audience who may then share the content organically.

While YouTube has not publicly detailed all factors of its algorithm, social signals like share counts may indirectly affect video recommendations by amplifying engagement and view count, which are known ranking factors.

The first YouTube video to gain viral status through social shares was The Evolution of Dance by Judson Laipply. It showcased a humorous and engaging medley of dance moves and rapidly spread across various social platforms.

To increase a video’s share count, creators can encourage viewers to share through calls to action, create shareable and relatable content, and engage with their audience to foster a community that supports sharing.

The thumbnail acts as the first visual impression of a video and can significantly influence whether someone decides to view and subsequently share a video. An appealing and intriguing thumbnail is more likely to attract shares.

Yes, there are tools available such as Social Blade and other analytics platforms that help track the social share count and distribution of YouTube videos.

Collaborations between creators can boost social shares by combining audiences and leveraging cross-promotion, leading to a greater likelihood of content being shared across different social circles and platforms.

A YouTube video with high views but low social shares may lack shareable attributes or call to action, or it might cater to an audience that is less active on social media, affecting its shareability.

Posting a YouTube video when the target audience is most active online, typically in the afternoon to early evening, can maximize social shares as the video is more likely to be seen and shared promptly.

Yes, the length of a YouTube video can affect its share-ability. Shorter videos are often preferred for sharing due to the average user’s attention span and time constraints. Quick, engaging, and to-the-point content tends to be shared more frequently.

Direct and genuine calls to action that articulate the value of sharing the video, such as by stating how it can entertain or inform others, tend to encourage viewers to share the content with their social network.

Current events can significantly influence social shares as viewers look for content that provides relevant information, commentary, or a distraction. Timely content that aligns with trending topics often experiences increased sharing.

Tutorial and how-to videos can garner a high number of social shares, especially if they offer unique, useful, or in-demand information, as viewers are likely to share content they find educational or helpful.

Giveaways and contests can significantly increase social shares if participation requires sharing the video. This approach incentivizes viewers to spread the content to a wider audience in hopes of winning prizes.