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Best 7 Websites Like Putlocker. Updated in May 2024

best putlocker alternatives

Putlocker is one of the most famous online streaming sites on the internet. The site is so famous that it has prompted several major internet service providers to block access to it, depriving many of its long-term fans from enjoying convenient access to movies and TV shows. All websites updated on May 16, 2024

7 Best Putlocker Alternatives:

  1. Los Movies
  2. Popcornflix
  3. Watch Online Series
  4. 123Movies
  5. SolarMovie
  6. Primewire
  7. Rainierland
  8. Yesmovies
  9. Movie Watcher
  10. FMovies
  11. SnagFilms


Top 11 Best Alternatives to Putlocker / Putlockers


1. Los Movies

putlocker streaming

Los Movies has a massive, 2000-page-long catalog of movies and TV shows of all genres. You can search for movies by name, see which movies are trending at the moment, or have Los Movies display only movies with subtitles.

The site is, unfortunately, a pop-up hell, and it often takes just one misplaced click to trigger an onslaught of pop-ups leading to all sorts of suspicious websites. At the very least, install an ad-block before you visit the site, but a dedicated pop-up blocker would be even better.


2. Popcornflix

putlocker alternatives

Popcornflix describes itself as a platform where you can watch movies without spending any money. The goal of the site is to provide its visitors with access to the latest movies with excellent quality and high download speeds. Popcornflix has everything from action to comedy to sci-fi to romance, and all movies on the site are available in their original language.

When you’re not sure what to watch, you can use the long list of categories located near the bottom of the right sidebar to narrow down the massive catalog of movies to just a single genre. Once you’ve decided which movie you want to watch, click on it and wait until you see a player load. Finally, click the large play button located in the middle of the player and enjoy your movie.


3. Watch Online Series

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Do you consider yourself to be a TV show addict? Do you find it impossible to resist the temptation to watch the next episode when you discover a show that you enjoy? Do you know there’s an online streaming site where you can satisfy your urge to keep pressing the play button until there are no episodes left to watch? Well, Watch Online Series that site.

From Sopranos to Simpsons, Watch Online Series has it all. Most TV shows on the site are available in HD, and each episode has at least two mirrors. As is often the case, Watch Online Series is best enjoyed with an ad-blocker.


4. 123Movies

sites like putlockers

123Movies is one of the better looking online streaming sites. Apart from movies and TV shows, 123Movies also has an extensive selection of cartoons, anime, and Asian dramas, which sets it apart from other online streaming sites on this list and makes it a great alternative to Putlocker.

Like all other online streaming sites featured in this article, 123Movies doesn’t actually host any content on its servers. Instead, all content is provided by non-affiliated third parties, making 123Movies at least somewhat legal. Still, we recommend you hide your identity using a VPN service, such as the one recommend in the first section of this article.


5. SolarMovie

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What has made SolarMovie one of the biggest online streaming sites on the internet is not just the site’s outstanding selection of movies but also its polished design. As soon as you open SolarMovie in your web browser, you can see which movies are trending, which have been viewed the most during that day, and which have the best rating.

Registered users can create lists of their favorites, make requests, and enjoy several other perks. All movies on SolarMovie are beautifully presented, featuring large cover art, description, IMDb rating, keywords, and more. What we also like about SolarMovie is the fact that you can browse movies by the country where they were made, so it’s easy to explore what the wider world of cinema has to offer.


6. Primewire

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Each online streaming site has certain positives and negatives. The main negative of Primewire is definitely its uninspired design and outdated layout. But if you can look past its uninviting exterior, you’ll discover a treasure trove filled to the brim with movies of all genres and budgets. From wildly successful Hollywood blockbusters to indie movies with limited budget but big heart.

All movies on Primewire are available in at least one of three possible video qualities: low, medium, or high. Being able to choose from several different qualities allows you to enjoy Primewire even when you’re not on Wi-Fi without worrying too much about your monthly data allocation.


7. Rainierland

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Rainierland may have a strange name, but that doesn’t change anything about the fact that the site’s content is top-notch. Movies that are currently trending are conveniently displayed right on the homepage, so you can simply click on the first movie that catches your eye and start watching it without any delay or hoops to jump through.

If you’re a movie connoisseur and don’t settle for anything less than the crème de la crème of cinematography, then you must visit the Cinema section of Rainierland, where you can find a large selection of hand-picked movies of all genres.


8. Yesmovies

Yesmovies Putlocker Alternatives

A good Putlocker alternative should be fast, have a pleasant user interface, and feature an always-expanding collection of movies and TV shows. Yesmovies meets all these requirements with flying colors. Because the site doesn’t limit itself to just Blu-ray rips, it’s often among the first online streaming sites to feature a new hit movie. As long as you can accept a lower resolution and blurriness, you can surprise all of your friends by watching a long-anticipated movie before it hits the theaters.

Yesmovies is a great site for all binge-watchers who can never stop after just one episode. TV shows are listed by seasons, and you can pick any episode you want with a simple click. Unfortunately, you can’t watch continuously on autoplay because you need to generate a stream URL and open it in another tab before you can watch the next episode.


9. Movie Watcher

movie watcher putlocker alternatives

Movie Watcher is a unique online streaming site because it lets its users download movies to their computers and watch them offline. If you’re, for example, planning a trip and know that you won’t be able to connect to the internet, you can download a couple of movies to your smartphone or laptop from Movie Watcher so that you always have something entertaining to watch.

Selecting a movie on Movie Watcher is easy because the site lists movies by genre, popularity, and year of release. You can also use the convenient search bar to find any movie by name and then further filter the search results using several available search filters. Movie Watcher users can give streaming links thumbs up or thumbs down, which makes it easy to pick the best option available.


10. FMovies

Putlocker Alternatives fmovies

FMovies is one of the more popular Putlocker alternatives as well as a leading online streaming website. Its brand is instantly recognized by movie enthusiasts for its reliability and high quality. The site lets you watch thousands of movies for free and without registration because it’s supported entirely by ads. That said, you can turn them off using an adblock, but we think the site deserves your support because it wouldn’t be possible for it to exist without it.

FMovies is firmly committed to bringing satisfaction to its viewers, and its features reflect this commitment. Right on the homepage, you can see trending movies and TV shows, but you can also browse all movies by genre, country, year of release, or IMDb rating. When watching a movie, you can “turn off the lights” and make the rest of the website dark so that you can better focus on the movie itself.  


11. SnagFilms

Putlocker Alternatives snagfilms

SnagFilms is an interesting online streaming site that claims to provide unlimited access to more than 20 million titles. For obvious reasons, we’re unable to verify the claim to be true, but we can say that SnagFilms has everything we could possibly ask for and more. Surprisingly, the site doesn’t have any ads—at least not the obnoxious kind you might be used to from other Putlocker alternatives.

We tried watching the movie Onward and were asked to create a user account. When we attempted to proceed, we were redirected to a website owned by Liltmedia, which is where we decided to stop. If having to create a user account just to watch movies and TV shows online doesn’t bother you, then SnagFilms will most likely satisfy your needs perfectly well. As far as we’re concerned, there are simply too many other alternatives to Putlocker for the registration process to be worth our time.  

How to Watch Movies Online Safely and Anonymously?

A VPN (virtual private network) allows you to watch Putlocker or any other online streaming site safely and anonymously by extending a private network across a public network, the internet. In other words, a VPN allows you to create a kind of secret tunnel between you and a website. Everyone that doesn’t have access to this tunnel can’t see what you’re doing, monitor your activity, or control which sites you can access—not even your internet service provider.

Naturally, VPN services are popular among people who use online streaming sites to watch movies and TV shows for free.

One popular VPN service is called NordVPN to watch Putlocker safely and anonymously using Nord VPN:

1. Visit NordVPN official website:
2. Select a plan and payment method.
3. Complete the registration and activate your user account.
4. Download the NordVPN client for your operating system.
5. Launch the client and log in with your username and password.

Putlocker alternative

NordVPN is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The service is backed by multiple gateways worldwide with access in 65+ countries.

For a list of other popular VPN services, read this article.


As you can see, Putlocker is nowhere near the only online streaming site that you can use to watch movies and TV shows without paying. Regardless of which online streaming site you’ll end up using, we highly recommend you protect your safety and anonymity with a VPN service.


As of May 2024, alternatives to Putlocker for streaming content included sites like 123Movies, Popcornflix, SolarMovie, Los Movies, YesMovies, FMovies, and GoMovies. These websites offer a range of movies and TV shows for free viewing with various video qualities. It’s important to use these sites responsibly and with awareness of local copyright laws.

Yes, 123Movies is considered one of the leading streaming sites that provide a massive collection of films and television series, similar to Putlocker. It has a user-friendly interface and also allows viewers to watch without needing to sign up. However, the availability of 123Movies might differ based on regional copyright restrictions. You can visit 123Movies at their website.

Popcornflix distinguishes itself by offering not only a vast selection of movies and TV shows but also a variety of independent productions and unique web series. Its user interface is straightforward, making it easy for users to navigate and find content that suits their interests. Popcornflix operates legally and is available for free, which you can check out at their homepage.

Yes, SolarMovie is known for providing high-definition video quality options for most of the content on its platform. The site has a sleek design and categorizes content to make it easier for users to find their preferred movies or TV shows.

Absolutely, Los Movies stands out for its comprehensive collection of international and indie films, covering a variety of languages and countries. It is a fitting choice for those looking to explore cinema beyond Hollywood productions.

YesMovies offers an intuitive interface that is ideal for people who may not be as familiar with online streaming platforms. Its neat categorization and search features simplify the process of finding and watching movies and TV series.

FMovies sets itself apart with a minimalistic design and a dark mode feature, which is easier on the eyes during nighttime viewing. Additionally, the website provides multiple server options, which can be handy if one stream is not working adequately.

No, GoMovies does not require users to subscribe or provide personal information in order to watch movies. Like Putlocker, it provides free access to its library of movies and TV shows, although some ads sustain the site.

While the alternatives mentioned are popular, it’s important to be cautious as they may carry risks such as ads leading to dubious sites or potential malware. A reliable antivirus program and a VPN are recommended when using any free streaming site to enhance your browsing safety.

The library of Popcornflix is extensive and diverse, although it may not always be as up-to-date as Putlocker’s was. It offers a mix of older classics, indie films, and a selection of more recent releases.

While not strictly required, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is highly recommended to protect your privacy and potentially bypass geographical content restrictions when streaming from free movie websites similar to Putlocker.

New movies are added to sites like SolarMovie quite frequently, often shortly after they are released or have aired. However, the update frequency can vary widely between sites.

Most of these websites are designed to be compatible with a variety of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Some might work better on certain devices due to optimized web design or dedicated mobile applications.

Yes, in addition to a large movie collection, websites like FMovies typically have a substantial assortment of popular TV series available for streaming, from classic shows to the latest episodes of current series.

There can be legal risks when streaming content from these sites, depending on your country’s laws regarding copyright and piracy. Always stay informed about your local regulations concerning streaming copyrighted material without authorization.

While it is less common, some of these sites may offer a selection of content in 4K quality. However, the majority of the streams are most likely to be in HD or lower quality due to bandwidth constraints and the free nature of the services.

The level of ad intrusion can vary; some sites like YesMovies tend to have fewer ads, whereas others might have more frequent and aggressive advertising. Users should install an ad-blocker to mitigate intrusive ads if they choose to use these services.

Some streaming sites do provide a feature for users to request movies or TV shows that are not currently available in their library. These requests are not always fulfilled, but it is a helpful feature for users seeking specific content.

The level of customer support varies widely among these free streaming sites. They may offer a basic contact form or support email, but it’s unlikely to be as comprehensive as paid streaming services.

Some of these sites might offer the ability to create a watchlist or favorites list, but this feature is not universally available across all free streaming platforms. A user account, if available, is typically required to save your watchlist.

Many alternative streaming sites provide subtitles for their content, making it convenient for viewers who are hard of hearing or are watching foreign films. Subtitle availability can be limited though and varies per site and per movie or show.