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Varun KrishnanVerified account @varunkrish@slackerninja@labnol
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Working now for me too . Hello Witopia :D

Shamblesguru @shamblesguru

I connect to the Internet

, , sans with . Do the same with 15% off ..... been with this company over ten years & very happy with the service .. realtime online support is brilliant.

David @BeachHouse23

Can I use this VPN on my LG OLED tv with web OS?

Andrew Sheves @andrewsheves@tferriss
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+1 for

for laptop and phone

Paul C Shellberg @tatergolf14

Can't Connect to your website??

Dennis Prager Wisdom @PragerWisdom@tferriss
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Witopia. Beats all China censorship 🤙🏻

Kyle Skaggs @kylecskaggs@tferriss
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Nur Sarowar @nursarowar@tferriss
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The Fastest VPN service ⚡👌👍 🙏

Rodolphe Geant @rodolphegeant@tferriss
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NordVpn and Witopia. They don’t keep logs. Pure stealth

Blokt @bloktcrypto

WiTopia PersonalVPN Review: Blazing Fast Speeds, but Some Major Flaws

Erik ShermanVerified account @ErikSherman@ErikSherman@lizloganhere
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Just gave it a shot and it worked. I used Witopia and logged in through London then gave a Yahoo email to sign up for a free ITV account. Then I tried it and was able to stream the episodes.

Erik ShermanVerified account @ErikSherman@helaineolen@ITV
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Depending on how much you want to see it, try a VPN with an international presence. Witopia has multiple sites in the UK and throughout the EU.

Harry Bell @HarryBell153@modernleifeng@CameronWEF@WiTopia
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VPN trouble has been pretty prominent in the laowai group chats this week and I've had trouble myself. I don't think it's necessarily an incorrect report though it clearly isn't the case with everyone.

Brandon C. @modernleifeng@CameronWEF
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A lot of issues with the popular VPNs in Beijing from the weekend through yesterday, no idea if back to normal today or not as I use the “less popular”

which I’ve never (knock on wood) had an issue with

Matt Balanuta @mattbalanuta

witopia vpn - SurfShark

Joe. @ProdigyRepV3@BarclaysUKHelp@WiTopia
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It's happened about 3/4 times now.

Barclays UK HelpVerified account @BarclaysUKHelp@ProdigyRepV3@WiTopia
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Hi there, Joe. I'm sorry to hear about this. This feature is in place to protect your account but I apologise we didn't get it right in this case. How many times has this happened, Joe? Usually the system would learn your spending habits. Kristos

Joe. @ProdigyRepV3


I have been making a regular payment to VPN for months now using my debit card. Multiple times you have blocked it due to detected fraud. It's not fraud just because it's a transaction to a US company.. please STOP.

VPN Ranks @VPNRanks

WiTopia PersonalVPN Review – Does It Keep Logs?

ajid @ajid1977

Zwift Witopia group run. For testing purpose at 0035. I'm on the group D, estimation pace 6'39" / KM 🤭 Stay tune after for full report. 😁

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