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James German @JamesGermanSTR

Who is surprised? What better way to mine data than to offer a free service offering to "help" you out with a concern???

Carly  @CarlyCamille

Congrats to all my fall 18 girlies for getting their badges tonight! Feels like just yesterday I was telling you I wasn’t a normal VPNME, but a cool one. I’m so happy for all of you!!💕🎉

UNLV Sigma Kappa @UNLVSK

Wishing the happiest 21st birthday to our superstar, Allison! Having previously served as VPPS twice and now serving as VPNME (for which she’s currently at RLC to learn more about), we owe so much to Allison’s dedication to us. Have the BEST birthday ever, sister! 😍🎂🤩

John Sandberg @judsand49

I subscribed to VPNme while living in China. Back to US now, no longer wish to use any VPN services. I cannot find my password. I think my service was registered with johnlsa[email protected], but it may have been [email protected]. ...

Sigma Kappa CSUF @SigmaKappaCSUF

Fall ‘18 was initiated this morning and we couldn’t be more proud 💜🕊 Thanks to our VPNME Kat for leading our new class 🌟

𓂀 @erikaivlo

Just a little fam appreciation for auntie

for being such a great assistant vpnme!

Marisa @itsmarisa517

No offense but

was the best VPNME ever

Abigail   @ItsThatAbbyKid

No offense but

is the best VPNME ever

Ivano Esposito @ivan_xp

Unpatched Flaw Exposes LG NAS Devices to Remote Attacks

Researchers claim hackers can remotely exploit an unpatched command injection vulnerability to take control of network-attached storage (NAS) devices from LG. VPN specialists at vpnMe

shelf butt   @shelf_butt@gmullin11
Replying to

proud past VPNME

Sigma Sigma Sigma-Theta Beta @TriSigmaUMFlint

Our Education Director and VPNME are in Chicago this weekend attending the Education Summit! We…

ASU Delta Zeta @ASUDeltaZeta

HBD to our VPNME

we love you so much! Hope you have a 11/10 Birthday ❤️

UW Sigma Kappa @UWSigmaKappa

🌟 Up next for our

is our VPNME, ! Kaitlin’s excited to take on more…

Sigma Kappa Cal U @sigmakappa_calu

And for the 12th day of our 12 days of Sigma Kappa we have our whole 2018 executive board wishing everyone Happy Holidays! We are all very excited to see the new and wonderful things this group will bring to our chapter!

(Not pictured Alyssa Madden VPNME)

Cam @Cam_eileen97

I just want to say how proud i am of my big. I couldn’t possibly think of anyone else who is as devoted to Sigma. You go out of your way to do for the chapter. I cant wait to see what you do as VPNME! Love you nugget 💜

l a u r A @larra124@T_Prebs22
Replying to

Me about becoming VPNME

✰ WKU Sigma Kappa ✰ @WKUSigmaKappa

Our 2017 Executive Council: President: Savannah Molyneaux EVP: Kyndal Caldwell VPP: Rachel Baas VPNME: Jordan Taylor VPM: Mallori Brooks VPAR: Jessica Undis VPS: Yasmine Sadrinia VPPS: Susannah Whitesell VPF: Marissa Dunn VPC: Maria Long Panhellenic Delegate: Sarah Foltz

sip of sassy @sipOfsassy@makaylafallejo
Replying to

😘😘 you’ve got your sisters and you know alum are only a text or phone call away! 💜 love ya! (Ps congrats VPNME😘)

ESIST.G:aming @esistgaming

2017’s Best VPNs for PC Gaming

Gaming News, Tech News, Gamer, gamer girl, gamer guy, gaming, PC gaming, VPN, vpnMe

ESIST.S:cience @EsistScience

2017’s Best VPNs for PC Gaming

Gaming News, Tech News, Gamer, gamer girl, gamer guy, gaming, PC gaming, VPN, vpnMe

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