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Jonathan Rosenberg @J_A_Rosenberg

Purchased your service over a year ago; never used it. Tech issue upon purchase was not resolved. Account just re-billed for $95. No cancellation or non-renewal option on website, so contacted customer service: Zero response.

Anijatsu @anijatsu

there we go, no more money for

viperVPN @vipervpn411

Is VikingVPN dead?

Tripp @CryptoTrippin

Anybody know if

is still around? Was hoping to catch their 1-and-only-annual-sale this Friday...

Anijatsu @anijatsu

acts like it's dead for a while with no support replies after a month. About to start avoiding it.

Tripp @CryptoTrippin@VikingVPN
Replying to

Will this be back for 2018 ? 🤞

cloudwards @cloudwards

A once-respected name in the privacy community, VikingVPN, is apparently no longer working. At least, that's what we're forced to conclude after paying $15 and getting a non-functioning login and password. Read all about it here:

viperVPN @vipervpn411

Anyone having issues with communication from VikingVPN

viperVPN @vipervpn411

PSA : VikingVPN warrant canary has been tripped? Check the logo

Justin Cauchon @Cauchon@Cauchon
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Continuing this old thread,

's warrant canary has been tripped

Jens Bannmann @JensBannmann

Your Firefox Hardening guide has 2 errors: plugin.scan.plid.all is about loading plugins from other directories, not web page access; media.webspeech.synth.enabled is about speech synthesis (harmless) not recognition. Please fix them to avoid "snake oil" accusations.

Download.comVerified account @DownloadNow

If you are looking for a roll-your-own

service, you aren't going to find a much better or more trusted service than :

Viking VPN Service @VikingVPN

US Congress sneaks privacy-destroying CLOUD act into the must-pass omnibus package. Act now if you live in USA.

Top Best Alternatives @TBAlternatives

57 VikingVPN Alternatives and Competitors

Sam @SamErde@VikingVPN
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Just found your service! Is it too late to take advantage of this deal for a new customer?! :) PIA and Nord are more affordable for me, but your service does look better!

vpnMentor @vpnmentor

Get 50% off on all

subscriptions with the coupon code: blackfriday2017 This promotion ends on November 30th. Check out the deals for some amazing savings on our blog :

Viking VPN Service @VikingVPN

The only sale Viking VPN does each year. 50% off all subscriptions through Cyber Monday. Coupon code: blackfriday2017

Viking VPN Service @VikingVPN

Real American Small Business here. Upset because your party just killed the internet. Congrats, idiots.

Viking VPN Service @VikingVPN

Jackasses at the FCC are expected to sneak a vote to kill

before Thanksgiving. Call your congresspeople.

Viking VPN Service @VikingVPN

For what feels like the millionth time, we have to defend

in the US. Please spam call your senators:

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