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Unlocator @Unlocator@mighty_eric
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Hi Eric, this looks like a local issue at first glance. Please contact us at so we can proceed with troubleshooting.

Eric W. Ryan @mighty_eric

I just started getting Region errors with Amazon Prime UK with Smart DNS turned on. Is this a known issue and how do I fix it?

Gabriel Wood @gchwood@Tom_Schlund@kyler416@MLB
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MLB TV and Unlocator Smart DNS has worked for me for years.

Unlocator @Unlocator@allanolvr
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Hi Alan, please send us an email to so we ca proceed with troubleshooting your issue.

Allan Oliveira @allanolvr@Jose91732@Unlocator
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The DSN is not working for me... my internet is good, but when I change to unlocators DSN I can’t go online.

D @carvajaIs@marikoluvv
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ofc! and my fav vpn is unlocator for a free one week trial

Varina Richey @theonlyvarina@tinytinabuckley@Ms_Nichola
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VPN also known as an unlocator or a proxy. It hides me actually location. I’m apparently watching from the Docklands hahahaha πŸ˜‚ Naughty I know but I don’t care anymore. I should be in the UK living my life so nevermind hahaha

Unlocator @Unlocator@vsmallrocks
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Hello David, Please contact us at We will be waiting for your email.

David Clarke @vsmallrocks

There is a problem using any website when unlocator is being used - I have investigated extensively and it is clear that Amazon is doing something causing the website to refuse to load any images when unlocator is actively working.

GabeShep @gabeshep@ericstephen
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YouTubeTV or HuluTV +

to get around sports blackouts.

Unlocator @Unlocator@FrownyWink
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Hello, Our service is working as intended for MLB. If this is not the case for you please contact us at so we can proceed with the troubleshooting process.

Frowny Wink @FrownyWink

seems to be having troublewith today 😣

DopeItOutHandicapper @ItHandicapper@cbcradio@Forests_Ontario
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Clicking this link leads me to an Unlocator error. Curious.

BenzoJones @benzojones

are you having current issues with MLB

SH   @DontFollowStu@n0rmanbates

Download Unlocator VPN that’s how we watched it πŸ˜‚

We have wifi in the rooms this year so we got really excited thinking we could watch tonight's Love Island but it won't let us watch it πŸ’”
Unlocator @Unlocator@_huydinh
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Hello, please keep us posted regarding the issue with Crunchyroll. As for DAZN, we'll make sure to provide you with an update as soon as it's available. Please contact us at for further information.

lil C   @cafferinooo@SophieeHowell@hellonicola_
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i download unlocator and use their free trial to go on itv player πŸ˜„

Huy Dinh @_huydinh

1) seems to have resolved itself after a walk. /shrug. 2) however seems to be worked on still. Good luck with that, guys!

Huy Dinh @_huydinh

1) not being reachable when using Smart DNS is a bug on your side or somewhere else? 2) Is there any outlook for DAZN to be available again in Germany whilst using Smart DNS? Ideally before the Premier League restarts in August. πŸ™„πŸ€ž

Andy Carreon @andythecur3fan@cookiepusher@Unlocator
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Yes! In Los Angeles they blackout the Dodgers so I’ve been using their service for years.

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