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Nord sucks and has cooperated with law enforcement thousands of times now. You want someone like TorGuard $20 per 3 months: accepts crypto, no logs, no bandwidth limits, 5 devices at once, Linux to iOS all covered.

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Torguard or PIA. Can buy with bitcoin and pretty sure torguard you can get 50% if you google the coupon

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Recently bought TorGuard. Seems good so far.

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TorGuard accepts payment using Lightning Network (an instant, private payment overlay for Bitcoin), which makes it potentially more private.

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Use a reputable VPN to avoid region restrictions. I use

but there are others.

VPN Security News @vpnSecurityNews

Take back your privacy with

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No it's just a VPN, some endpoints are optimized for torrents

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Do they actually use Tor tho?

dontpanic    @DontPanicBurns@pyskell
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uses ⚡

VPN BROKER ONE @vpnbrokerone

Need a VPN? We have choices for you! PureVPN:

AirVPN: TorGuard: ExpressVPN: NordVPN: IPBurguer: SpyderVPN:

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HDDmag - Your IT god @HDDmag

New Post: Torguard Review @fabionodariph

TorGuard review: Anonymous VPN, Proxies and more Read my review of TorGuard and find out if it's a good choice to bypass the Great Firewall of China and use Google, Facebook and other censored websites The post TorGuard review: Anonymous V

TorGuard @TorGuard

US Tech Giants Are Helping China Improve Censorship and Surveillance

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Use one of these! PureVPN:

AirVPN: TorGuard: IPBurguer: SpyderVPN:

Well damm, thanks for the info, time to find a better VPN
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Jesse Fogarty @jessefogarty

Ive never understood why people buy VPN subscriptions with traditional means like a credit or debit card. Go buy some crypto in cash and use

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You can use one of these! PureVPN:

AirVPN: TorGuard: ExpressVPN: NordVPN: IPBurguer: SpyderVPN:

Not on Australian Netflix tho, so you'll need a VPN at least
VPN BROKER ONE @vpnbrokerone@zoeftnhc

Ours are not free, but you can use them without any problem! PureVPN:

AirVPN: TorGuard: ExpressVPN: NordVPN: IPBurguer:

let me know if you have a free vpn for the UK, so I can watch love island x
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Ours are not free, but sometimes, best things in life aren't. PureVPN:

AirVPN: TorGuard: ExpressVPN: NordVPN: IPBurguer:

Can you recommend me a vpn that doesnt cost money?
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