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Yorick Wellman @YorickWell@proxpnsupport@proXPN
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I have a premium account under a different email. Once you sent me the profile(s) to access my account using OpenVPN. I have misplaced that file / listing. Could you resend? My account email is if that makes a difference.

Steve Goodsell @UJJBD16

just migrated to a new iPad and proxpn would not install and does not seem to be available from the AppStore anymore. It’s working on my old iPad still what’s happened? Lifetime subscriber.

Rohan Diedrick @rdiedrick@proxpnsupport@proXPN
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Please send info. I am Interested

Richard Crossley @richdcrossley

any idea why I can't currently download the iOS app in the UK? It has all been fine before but now it isn't on the App Store and using the link on your site it says not available in your region.

Blokt @bloktcrypto

ProXPN VPN Review: Not Recommended, Better Alternatives

Cozmic3 @Bullet_Bee

urgent assistance needed, please check dm. thanks.

TFN Podcast @TFN_Podcast


this is not supposed to happen, also, your support forums domain has been null and void now for over a entire year guys....come on now... and now this.... I love your service guys, but step it up, your making me worried about my services.

John Meyer, AF4JM @af4jm

if I'm trying to connect 2 devices (phone & tablet), and when the second one connects the first disconnects a few seconds later, is it supposed to do that???


Wish I could flip my chair around on the Tobu line. Free wifi’s nice tho :)

Evan James @EvynJymes

is a great VPN if you’re looking for one.

Daniel Mercure @hdeditor

On Chromebook, Chrome OS Version 73.0.3683.114 (Official Build) (64-bit). Install guide at seem out of date (Settings interface has changed). Unable to use proXPN as private network. Any updated instructions?

Shell OSS @oss_sh

little-jack-horner - OpenVPN on Raspberry Pi connecting to ProXPN

Lowercase Numbers @lcnums

Expired Cert....

Phoebe Blanco @blanco_phoebe

ProXPN Review

John @jchybow

something about iOS 12.2 hard breaks ProXPN. For both my iPad and iPhone (latest versions of each). Furthermore, when I delete the VPN profile and try to re-add, this also is broken in iOS 12.2. Please fix or I will need to find a different VPN provider. Ty.

Rogers Mugisa @RogersMugisa1

How safe 🛡️ is your mobile VPN service? 1️⃣ Yoga VPN 2️⃣ Dash VPN 3️⃣ Hola 4️⃣ ProxPN and more.. By


Ripon Islam @RiponIs05169222

Hi,Mr. Williams I am Ripon from Bangladesh. I am new at IT section. Can you tell me the full process of how to open a free proXPN account? please?

Ripon Islam @RiponIs05169222

HI, sir I'm from Bangladesh. My name is Ripon. I'm new to the It section. can u tell me the full process of open a free proXPN account.?Will you tell me?please!!!!!

Ripon Islam @RiponIs05169222

what is the captcha code? can you tell me the full process of opening a free proXPN accont?.....please!!!!!!

Amara Gacita @AmaraGacita

ProXPN Review

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