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Information Asset @InformAsset

Do you work with data privacy & governance at a multinational company? We have the perfect read for you! Download your copy of Data Sovereignty and Enterprise Data Management here

Tom Bethke @tpbethke

Arthur H Britto is an anagram for "Truth, harbor it..." hmmmmmmm interesting coincidence for someone that values their privacy. Seems like a perfect pseudonym.

Screen With Envy @screenwithenvy

“"We're delighted!" - what a lovely email to receive 💌This client was looking for a way to create some "subtle privacy" as both the neighbours door and their back door opened out onto each other. Our "Moucharabiya" screen was the perfect solution to this common problem

Assam Bikers @AssamBikers

Day 31 - A day well spent in this

in Delhi, amidst the city but away from the chaos, in a beautiful locality surrounded by nature, with the comfort and privacy you would find back in home and the hospitality, convinience and luxuries of a hotel. Just perfect!

Country Charm Retreats @CountryCharmMI

Need a perfect space for your bridal party or family to stay for your wedding? "Amazing home! Pool was great, we were able to grill and enjoy the sun, lots of yard space. Plenty of beds for everyone, and a perfect location with lots of privacy. Great experience. Highly recommend

Impact Strategic @ImpactStrategi1

offers the perfect solution for the online business owner or side hustle, to keep your home identity private. Use our business and mailing address to protect your privacy. We will handle all of your mailing while you remain focused on building your brand.

NIKATECH @ntechventures

Why Google Can’t Solve the Privacy Paradox Google has said that privacy and security are the focus for Android Q many of its other releases this year, but Senior Security Analyst Max Eddy explains that a company built on mapping and sorting data can’t deliver perfect privac…

Marco Junipero Serra @PrivacySeller@BOMMPodcast@_michaelbrooks@BigWos
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But I thought Sweden was perfect!?!

Shuttercraft UK @ShuttercraftUK

Perfectly waterproof and perfect for privacy, the Java range of

is ideal for bathrooms. Shown in this fit by Shuttercraft Bristol.

John Harrington @jharr10@TheKingsman42@gutzman0@appleinsider
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Basically It’s Google’s lack of user privacy. Apple actually makes strides to protect your privacy. Apple isn’t perfect but they are at least taking the time to try and protect its users.

Landman Life @LandmanLife

I used to try tons of different 3rd party mail clients on my iPhone trying to find “the perfect one.” They all fail in different ways, and lately I have been gravitating back to the stock Mail app due to privacy concerns. It may lack features but it’s the best option for privacy.

Dr. Ann Pegoraro @SportMgmtProf

Made it to

- the conference with the best swag always!! A card that contains a USB. Genius !! Perfect match for theme: Privacy & Trust

Majestic Resorts - 5* star luxury hotels @MajesticResorts

A tropical paradise welcomes you with an extravagant spirit for a romantic escape. Our two level Mirage Club Sky View Suites offer the perfect spot for romance, relaxation and total privacy, with your very own outdoor Jacuzzi on your roof top terrace.

Marty Chilberg @mchilberg

has become the perfect equity: - Clear growth outlook (deferred/unearned) - Minimal headline risk (privacy/antitrust) - Yield low for right reason (expect another 10% raise) - Gaining market share in a growing sector () - Pd for Linkedin from FCF in 2 yrs

Perfect Privacy @perfectprivacy

Sounds good

PrivacyPerfect @PrivacyPerfect

Experts say that around 4 million people have their

and tracked by external , and these extensions collect and potentially sell much more. Take a look.

Bill Fitzgerald @funnymonkey@funnymonkey@edifiedlistener
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The mistake most of us make when talking about privacy (and in talking about dismantling surveillance capitalism) is thinking that we need to be perfect. We all make mistakes, all the time, and we will make mistakes as we work to protect our individual and collective privacy.

M&M Timber @mmtimber

The M&M Timber Square Garden Gazebo provides the perfect setting for a hot tub or

. At 3.5 x 3.5m it’s perfectly proportioned to fit most sizes of spa. It offers shelter, protection for your spa and privacy for you.

PrivacyPerfect @PrivacyPerfect

As the world is becoming

oriented, companies have taken up a strong centric stance. Take a look at the most important steps taken by companies like , , and , as reviewed by the IAPP ().

Rat.exe   @Renegade_Rat@Ragnarly
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This is why we have some

like privacy by design! Everything else works perfect over or . Then again there is always cash too, try not to show lots of serial numbers though. IMO though cash is trash it doesn’t work for you like do! ❤️🐭

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