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BadBitchtweets @itskikifeelings

Know your place in someone's life & don't overplay your role. @TheCheefReport@ChunkyTWshngtn@JeffOnTheRight
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Exactly. They’ll overplay it. They always do.

elizabeth zoom    @lizziebxrek

Can someone please explain to me why how music sounds completely changes when you overplay It? I have no idea what part of STEM that is but-

chris fernandez  @fernandez_good

Learn your place in people life so you know not to overplay your part🗣‼️💯

spaceCRAFT @arkSHOP_

His family and enablers and the

want some discipline on this issue, but he can't help himself. will be his undoing if they dont overplay their hand. He is 10 days or fewer away from blurting out the N-word in a Col. Nathan Jessup style telling on himself. Watch.

Ewan Ross @Mentoch@jerry_eldred
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Overplay seems to be the consensus, but I'm baffled where people hear songs that get overplayed? Do people like listen to the radio still?

michaela   @brooklynvxbes

I overplay No Guidance tbfh

Vanessa  @vanessadadzie

i already know i’m about to overplay beyoncé’s new album 😂

milnsey @milnes_max

XTC will now be on repeat until I overplay it and get upset with myself for ruining another banger

Ockham'sToothbrush @gotravelgear@gotravelgear@RadioFreeTom
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In other words, you’re helping shape this narrative. If you wanted, you could accurately frame this story as “media, pundits overplay the extremism of the Dems storyline”. You can help fix this!

Scott Dwyer @ScottDw70943814@GangMullah
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Been waiting for a 10U. But I appreciate you don’t overplay them. That’s how I know you know what your doing. Thanks man

C H I O M @SayDatTiff@eze_mik3
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😭😭like what I’m fighting the urge to overplay it

Bracelet Trapper @MoSanks

Bro I finally have something to overplay after the Dreamville tape

Amy Yang @amysyang1@SRuhle
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Hey your reporting but why don't you all talk about this...

You guys way overplay the number of Trump voters that will never peel away.

Shawna @drchick3

I already know my block is going to overplay Brown skin girl like they do with If and Joanna.

Bernisha ♡ @beingorenda

Repeat , because I know how to overplay a song I fall in love with 💕

Mo’ Better @SirBleek_@JordanNoRetro@Premium_Dell@Narb___
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I saw you at the bar talking business w/ some queens playa. Underplay for the overplay typeshit 😭

GREAT @manlikegreat

finna overplay BROWN SKIN GIRL 😭🔂🎶

Khazar Soze @MakeAlbionGreat@rickperlstein@NewYorker
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Might be but we’re heading in that direction like it or not... something doesn’t feel right, he hatred is growing, and sadly we in the shtetl set don’t see the dangers and will overplay our hands once again

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Media and dems overplay their hand every time to give Trump the victory...

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