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Juan @_just_juan_

My PC is connected to router and Chrome does not connect to some sites neither. My Opera browser with VPN connects immediately no problems. I use cell c, no problems. 2x telkom routers don't connect to the site. Its not settings no one has changed it

X1 Nam Dohyon @namdohyoned@namdo35573711
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how to use the vpn in opera browser?

namdo @namdo35573711@namdohyoned
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install opera browser, it has build in vpn

was @hngylninetynine @x1_leehngyl@haengbaekhaseyo
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Im using opera browser, it already has vpn

My Crypto Advocate @tomr_crypto@TruthRaiderHQ@coolwallet
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I prefer

browser in vpn mode. I understand that is a browser of sorts but I know very little about it.

Zia Ul'Adli Alf @ziauladli@drewxflash
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If you live outside the US, use VPN.. Or use Opera Browser, it has its own VPN, no need to install anything..

sleeby hours @dave_of_guy@yourcompanionAI
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oh so this is why i don't see the new twitter, i only use the opera browser bcs free vpn and adblock without add ons lmao...

Rohin @Rohin15


browser. Gen changed my life. Built in ad blocker, free unlimited VPN, fantastic messenger/whatsapp integration, battery saver mode, imports all your chrome bookmarks and passwords, a fantastic ui and FASTER than chrome. DELETE CHROME FROM YOUR LIFE

Swapnil @swwwwwapnil@shashankji@bnodg@theTunnelBear
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I use Opera browser with unlimited vpn. Better than tunnel in terms of data volume.

マティーと世界  @MattyVsTheWorld@ejs1111@MLS
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use a VPN Opera browser has one built in.

マティーと世界  @MattyVsTheWorld@espenstrand@AVFCFaithful_
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search Opera Browser and downlad and install. VPN is built into the browser.

マティーと世界  @MattyVsTheWorld@AVFCFaithful_
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a paid one or it will buffer. Try Opera browser, has an inbuilt VPN.

RedneveD @devsd969

Kids use other browsers + vpn apps to circumvent censored sites, Legends use Opera browser.

Walter Batler @walterbatler

lol at this, but for your US fans who don't use the opera browser with free built in vpn, or know about web proxies, this will suck

"Nice Tripsies" ;)

HMS_BREXITEER @HMS_Indomitable@Capt_Navy@BarentsNews
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Use the Opera browser. Free VPN if you only need browser identity hidden.

Φοίβος Λοξίας @foivosloxias

Opera browser with VPN ON, in Greece, NO PROBLEM. Every other browser ( Chrome - EdgeDev - Firefox) plus mobile phone are NOT working on Fb. Again, Opera with VPN, works!

The Oracle @concierge_ryan@SeanDLloyd
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It’s not on local Netflix anymore, but definitely showing on the US site. Opera browser, built-in VPN . . .

 λslı turkishwifey  @AsliYonce@BoricuaHive
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Download opera browser and enable vpn

Rodolfo Soriano N. @rsnunez@robinrome
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Use Opera browser and activate their built-in VPN

 λslı turkishwifey  @AsliYonce@OrishaOsun
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The link wasn't working for me but then I downloaded opera browser and activated vpn now it works

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