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Beautiful Lettuce. The art of my former mentees. Correct netshade colour and net percentage.....fresh quality crop.

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NetShade 8.1 (Trial)

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netshade is the only vpn/proxy server 4 me - works great - never crashes

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NetShade 8 for iOS is in development. The Mac and iOS apps will have synchronized version numbers after the update, and will be closer in look and functionality. Release date TBD. Stay tuned. 💻📱 @PureMacSoftware

NetShade 8.1 - VPN service

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NetShade 8.1 - Browse privately using anonymous proxies and VPN servers.

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Thanks for purchasing NetShade. Your code should now be iOS enabled.

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When we launched NetShade 8 last week, many users found themselves missing the “Restore previous connection” feature. We re-added it today in 8.1 :

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Hi- this $9 upgrade is optional, and applies only to users who got NetShade as part of a bundle or heavily discounted promo. NetShade 7 will continue to work, and is available under "Show version details" on our download page:

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I have a valid subscription for NetShade but why is there a $9 charge to upgrade to Version 8?

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NetShade 8.0.1 (Trial)

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NetShade 8.0.1 - VPN service

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NetShade 8.0.1 - Browse privately using anonymous proxies and VPN servers.

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My crowning achievement of last week was beating

in an Activity competition. Normally he runs away with it on day 1-2, but I decided I had to max out every day so he would have no chance if he fell even a single point behind. 😎 @PureMacSoftware

NetShade 8.0 - VPN service

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NetShade 8.0 - Browse privately using anonymous proxies and VPN servers.

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NetShade 8 is here! This version is a total rewrite. Kill switch, sync across devices, VPN scrambler, SOCKS5, speed test, ping test, web accessibility test, new Metal-based globe view, new mini window mode. New website too:

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Avoid the black hole of watching nothing on hotel TV, instead, get a VPN like Netshade to watch Hulu and Netflix overseas

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ExpressVPN best one I have found. Works on pc, iPhone but problems with it working on my old iPad. If you have apple only then NetShade is good. Hidemyass is also useful. You will find that some sites are able to recognise that you are using a vpn and hence block you.

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