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Andy McIlwain @ #WCBOS @andymci

Sitting at Pearson Airport running IVPN + the Brave browser. Am I secure yet?

Tech Tic @techtic7

Download IVPN 2.10.1 For Windows

Tech Tic @techtic7

Download IVPN 2.10.1 For Windows

IVPN @ivpnnet

2019-07-16 We are experiencing issues with a node in our US New York PoP which may affect capacity while we work on it.

phpJobs @__phpJobs__

IVPN is hiring: Full stack web developer [Remote] @DownloadDotZone

IVPN – Best VPN Service for Privacy and Ultimate Security

IVPN @ivpnnet

The latest version of IVPN Windows app is out with

support added. WireGuard protocol is still in development, but offers significant security and speed improvements over existing solutions. Read more about the release and start testing:

gene mich @gene97781775@suryatamada@ivpnnet
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airvpn does not provide indian servers as well at this point of time. I use both air and ivpn.

ɹǝʞɹɐd ʍǝɹpuɐ @andrewparker@superamit@gtmcknight
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I like IVPN, which is also Wirecutter's pick. Used to use Nord, but they were too popular so their servers were garbage. You can set it to open/connect on boot. Software is decent.

Andrew Marcinkevičiu @ifdattic@tferriss
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A detailed review of a bunch of them

I chose IVPN from it and very happy with it. Know a lot of people choose TunnelBear for cuteness factor, but from usage I did not found it good (constant issues).

Michael Jakl @mjakl@tferriss
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Mullvad, IVPN, ProtonVPN or AirVPN are very good, no logs, many ways to connect, good reputation -- all are good choices (used all of them, stayed with Proton but liked Mullvad at least as much).

Ty Foster @tyfoster@tferriss
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‘That one privacy guy’ has a great comparison table for a ton of VPNs. I use IVPN, ton of servers, offers multi hop, no logging, multiple device, based in Gibraltar

Sudesh Girdhari @servicexen@ravilach

A well prepared traveler always has IVPN available!

My first time being blocked by rules in recent history. Wanting to check my rewards balance to make sure I qualify for again and bam! There is no in nor . Will celebrate my return to America with a chicken biscuit or three :-)
topher1kenobe @topher1kenobe@AardvarkSagus
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Yeah, I'm happy with iVPN

topher1kenobe @topher1kenobe

For the record I'm using iVPN. :)

Adewale Adetugbo @aadetugbo@afalli@ScarTissue101@kjelili1
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Lol Paranoid much? Don’t mind me I use

now for quite a while on Chrome and ka-block on the iPhone That combo with IVPN to keep Etisalat/9mobile in check 😂

domeger @domeger@AndiMann
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iVPN is your friend, 100 bucks a year.

Bitcoin Macro @BTC_Macro@Crypt1997@ayyylmaobruhhh
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They might use IVPN

Orien Wu @orienwu@chronic
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IVPN seems to be pretty good in this respect:

Dmitrii Poddubnyi @dpoddubny@not_logan
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Lol, did it require iVPN?

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