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ᚦᚢᚾᛞᛖᚱ ᚹᛟᛚᚠ @ArticSkoll@ninatwitch
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me no has internetz me on 2g cell connection. rip me pepehands

Gerty Steinblatt @GertyBz@WhoresofYore
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Him: Every never-relationshipped creep on teh internetz Her: Every woman targeted by never-relationshipped creeps on teh internetz Me: Nice representation of an æons-old problem! ::)

Rachel S. Cordasco @Rcordas

In case anyone was wondering, there are indeed 2 Rachel Cordascos on the internetz. Me- the SFT-crochet-parenting Rachel, and a different Rachel who apparently does stuff with hair. I know how to brush mine, and maybe stick in a clip or two, but that's all I know about hair.🤷

Fischi   @Fisch84

Hallo Internetz! Me live soon (18.15) <3

PS Proxies @ps_proxies

Qubes OS 3.2 – part 3 – using

vpn in a special Proxy VM ( the gui way )

Jim McGrath @waywardjim

The EU: Google/FB should take responsibility when their platforms are used to breach copyright. Google/FB: HELP! The EU are forcing us to use bad content filters that block legitimate works! The Internet: OMG the EU is SO BAD they're BREAKING THE INTERNETZ!! Me: 🤨🤨🤨

PROJECT INSECURITY @insecurity@d3d0c3d@FuxNet
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Agreed its a nice read but it's kinda lame how he tried to spin off zerosec/ as being our network when it was a sepetate network that had been around for years, and everything that was exploited was due to the founder of that network being dumb.

PROJECT INSECURITY @insecurity@insecurity@FuxNet
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And before you claim it's our network again, let me remind you that it was always zerosec/ - we had our DNS pointed there and a channel setup. Why'd you never post the lastlog from that box? Maybe because defiler (not

) was the only person to login? 🤔

SK   @mediocrityiskey

So I painted something properly for the first time ever. And I think I did a pretty good job. Even though I copied from a picture on the internetz. Me still v proud. 😬

Jason Fanelli @BigManFanelli@callmeshawnp
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“Gimme game I am frand to internetz” -Me if I ever become an influencer

Jon Chaisson @joncwriter@joncwriter
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Work PC: Yay update complete! Work PC: lolz what are internetz? Me:

Jon Chaisson @joncwriter

Work PC: lol no internetz! Me: *reboots* Work PC: lol slow-ass Windows Update! Me:


RT Lazulu_OFFICIAL "RitaBakeACake realDonaldTrump Translation: Muy virtue signaling on internetz. Me much smarts d…


Na'amen *HIATUS* Gobert Tilahun @Naamenism

me: Who the fuck is TJ Miller? *to the internetz!* me: Oh, privileged white man who thinks he's funny & ironic while failing on all counts.

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Im not gonna tell you again.. Ultra code = 20% discount VPN for life.

loeken @internetzMe

whatever you did from friday-saturday night - revert it your network has gone to shit.


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