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Nosmilo in-disguise @dear_Sindiswa

please follow me back sisiβ£πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ˜˜

Nosmilo in-disguise @dear_Sindiswa

πŸ™Œβ€πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜˜ please follow back hle

Nosmilo in-disguise @dear_Sindiswa

πŸ™Œ 😭please follow back β£πŸ™β€

Chief Wami De-Last @chilewams@olushola_shola@stvictor
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Homie dressed up in T-shirt and Jeans to blend up. People should watch out for unknown faces around their hood cause these heartless nomads are blending in-disguise

Oluwa-Chimanka    @Ovadose4u@official_moreee
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U sure u not my ex in-disguise

Will Hescott @FringeModerate

God I hate the justice democrats, maybe the most slimy, in-disguise, regressive, moronic factions in politics. For those who don’t know, the Justice Democrats are the far-left faction of the Democrats. I don’t mean far-left like your grandma means when she talks about giving

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1 Hillary’s now under cover wearing her shawl and Mandarin speaking jacket 2 Is this her wandering into the night in-disguise? 3 There were hints of her unwellness 4 Didn’t even notice the fly-brow until later

Lidia Hidalgo @lidia_hidalgo78

I have shut doors that were no good for me, but so many better ones have opened up & for that I am grateful. Some people have left my life and for that I am so very grateful. Blessings in-disguise!

Bailey Henry @BaileyHenry12@BleacherReport

Someone give Kawhi some sugar water cause he acts like an in-disguise alien from MIB πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Kawhi’s a fun guy at baseball games too
J.Brenae  @fiyyahBlack_

a blessing in-disguise. fr fr.

Keith Frady @Keith_Frady

It's still throwing me off a little when someone asks, "What are the usual choices?" cause it sounds like some in-disguise fantasy monk is testing me and half a second later it's like no wait that's my comic.

alex @omgalex__

i’m cupid in-disguise.

Graeme @graemem

I have no idea who this is. Is this The Hood? Is it an in-disguise Cosmic Boy?

Dsouza.Prak @dsouza_prak@ashoswai
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here is bast@rd swine with his selective message, this enhances crave carnal/sense gratification. A goat in-disguise of swine will make non-issues an issue to make a point to cause hatred towards Hindu. But u don't have balls to speak against terrorist cult pislam

The Chauvinist @rnviva@Hariindic

Christian Missionaries In-disguise Of Tamil Intellects Are Misleading Our Hindu Brothers and Sisters

Yes But TN tops the beneficiaries list of all the schemes of Modi gvnmt. TN s the state which had a tremendous growth ,2nd highest GDP in India. But still rejects Modi just bcz of fake dumeels It's time to eradicate these evil forces &it should start from TN media.
Nick de SemlyenVerified account @NickdeSemlyen@empiremagazine

Agree with

100%. I liked Aladdin more than I expected to, but the Genie is weirdly flat (except for the Hitch-esque in-disguise middle section). They should have reinvented the character completely.

Is Disney’s live-action remake a diamond in the rough? Read the Empire review:
Priyanshu Maheshwari Marwadi @priyanshubhatar@GoogleIndia
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A friend of me-conveyed that the apps built in own handset,through this you(in-disguise of other app-people trace) use to stalk them and then while talking to someone over a peaceful street, use to lift. It happened with him and mostly at Cannaught place Delhi.Not been recovered.

Tory Libertarian @ToryLibertarian

Is this Blue Collar Conservatism thing an in-disguise leadership campaign for Esther McVey?

b-boy bouiebaisseVerified account @jbouie

I have THE WINTER SOLDIER on in the background while I work and every time I watch it I find a new favorite moment. This time, the half second when an in-disguise Scarlet Johansson punches Robert Redford in the face.

8-OFF T.I.A.    @Thankyou8off


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