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Blame The Internet   @indiana85

Netflix offering Eddie Murphy $70 million for a stand-up special? Then keep raising the price on us

Tyson Quinn @TysonQuinn5@SecondSightDave@spjohnson12
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I know it's not the reason Netflix is losing people, and I don't think Daredevil will come back as it was

Trish @DoMiNo20@vaveylagirls

Brilliant actor Thanks to Netflix Canada I got to watch this beautiful story

Kurt Seyit✨
Maddie Wilson @maddisonrebekah

Setting aside a few hours of “me time” everyday after work for the next week, and I can’t wait to just watch Netflix and turn off my phone🤷🏻‍♀️

HipHopWired @HipHopWired

Eddie Murphy In Talks With Netflix For New Stand Up Special [Video]

Photo: WENN

Ra @_Lafemmerouge

Money Heist on Netflix is dubbed? 🙄

Queer Bunny     @Rayahbunny@TheYellingDingo@timburrs
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Same. I don’t understand people getting upset over accessibility. I love subtitles. I also love that Netflix originals have the audio description feature for those blind/ visually impaired.

James Paul @curiousjamesp

Here’s something different, via

on with and : If you add cashew flour to the cauliflower/Parmesan/egg crust (- oregano, + garlic and butter) not only does the dough bind better, the end result tastes like wheat bread. 👍👍👍

mekya @mekyaaaaaaa1

Netflix take all my money please

IRON @Marr_iron@netflix_bin
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netflix bin plz ☹️

iz4nGiveaway @Iz4nGiveaway

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❤️! = ¡RANDOM ~UFA ~Netflix ~Capa Of ~Ramdom Code Unchecked •  Requirements to Participate• Activar Campanita  🔔 Follow  👥:      ¡END! =!Apoyo!❤️🔚

Not Exonerated @JeebusTrump@XianJaneway
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1/2way thru The Keepers Netflix docuseries (no spoilers please) about Catholic⛪️abuse coverup in Baltimore. Details some of the worst abuse imaginable, but also how corruption's exposed over time. It's actually giving me hope for enduring the day-to-day fight against Trump sleaze

Lía| Prod.SUGA  @Bakuwugay@JesusSunbae

I dont even have netflix this had no effect in me

BTS ARMY the wait is over!💜 is now available on Netflix.
Orrin @Ozzy_McIntyre

Suits season 9 now on Netflix is what I needed

Yela   @yela_zucchero

Oh God I just love the movie "After" from Netflix ❤ beautiful

Sytrux @Sytruxx@fuxwithitblog@XAVAGEofficial
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No lie, this is what’s wrong with music nowadays. Nobody gives a fuck about the intro, verse, etc. lol I guess you fuckers just want build to drop to build to drop.

melody ♡ ♡ @melodymae20

Secret obsession is a good movie on Netflix

josh @imjoshhbu@Eurovision@TitowamYouTube@netflix
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What about europe 😭

Dean Bennett @Denniseh

is one of the smartest shows on Netflix. Absolutely delightful

Cecil J Young @Haripryce

Hey Man, Been with Netflix Streaming since it first became available. If you want to know why folks are leaving read the comments here. It's not just the content.

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