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richard tremblay @securcop@RealChadWO@realDonaldTrump
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Good for you that's what 🇺🇸 is all about FREEDOM no matter who you support, Great job!!! there is hope for the younger generation keep educating yourself and RUN FOR OFFICE LOL GREAT JOB SIR....

 Freedom Is Not Free  @funyun33@DiamondandSilk
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The dictionary isn't racist, it's sexist. DICtionary😂

Marianna Aziz @MariannAziz@Noregretsagain
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The art is possibility. Where the crawdads sing. Becoming. Behave. Educated. Tom cook. Kitchen confidential. Finite and infinite games. Benjamin Franklin. Long walk to freedom. The captain class. Little black stretchy pants. Sapiens. Einstein. Grit. Bad blood. Shoe dog.

Andy Smarick @smarick@KianHudson
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I think he needs to read Hayek's "Freedom, Reason, and Tradition." It argues that human needs (what we need individually and as part of communities) AND how to address them are revealed through experience. That is, evolution--not reason--provides the "ought" & the "what works."

bhana @BhanaRsa@FrancisHerd
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That freedom needs to also be responsible and not only in one direction.

lea @ouijanurse

I’m just gonna start sayin whatever the fuck because freedom of speech you bitches, not free from consequences tho so feel free to beat my ass

Peckham Rights! @peckhamrights

Yesterday, Peckham Rights! joined thousands around the world in walking the annual

to continue the walk towards freedom for people of African descent. This year, which would have been Nelson Mandela's…

Paige @Paige4Freedom@B52Malmet@jonfavs
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Really??? Pretty sure he never EVER MENTIONED skin color nor race or religion. THEY DID. and as a black female proud supporter of Trump I find you all OFFENSIVE

SAM @Buoy_Spinner@kylegriffin1
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We lose our national identity when the current population allows political parties and elected officials to ignore the rule of law, freedom of speech, constitutional duties, sworn oaths to uphold the Constitution incl the Bill of Rights

Mom of 3 #yanggang @TheyCallMeLacey@JayPotato1@youngthinker024
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Just reply "Looks like you need something to cover that up! Andrew Yang's Freedom dividend would give you $1000 a month to expand your attire!"

Kelley Avery @KelleyA07553426@CNN
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Guess that medal of "freedom" was so heavy it screwed up his golf swing.

Brexit Freedom Fighter @William93674222@William93674222@BrexitBetrayed
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Anna soubry your a disgrace madame and you do need to sober up and take stock. He called you what youve been calling brexiteers .. You wont get voted back in at the next GE ..

Coach Couture @JonCouture5

Why is the capital of the United States not Freedom Hill in Michigan?? It’s got FREEDOM in the name dammit

TRISH @Patrici90673224@TomHall
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This is the life!! Freedom 👏🏻👏🏻

G-Funk Vibez Radio @GFunkVibezRadio

Now Playing: Pure Freedom - Pure Freedom (Prod. By Moe-Z) =>

Eamonn VIDF @EamonnVIDF@MetalOverLord66@IzzyKamikaze
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No such thing as freedom from the consequences of speech.

Sue Sharp @1biggen1111

Failing Candidate Beto O’Rourke Reveals His Family Used to Own Slaves – Patriotic Freedom Fighter

Curtis Ramsey-Lucas @cramseylucas

announces International Religious Freedom Alliance as Ministerial to Advance concludes. My recap of the second via

MishaBaylee @MishaBaylee

Motorcycle, rain and fun! 🆓dom


Garretto LaFantastic @TheFantasticG@HiromiComposes@PleasantKenobi
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Does not sound like your father is Libertarian. Libertarianism in the US is in favor of the smallest minority: the person. Libertarians value personal freedom above all else. It isnt Libertarianism that's the problem I suspect, as we are welcoming to all so long as you ...

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