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Refresh Updated: 22 June. 2022
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MacVoices #1121: Macworld 2011 - The Worth Ave. Group Protects Your Electronics Over Other Insurance

From the show floor at Macworld 2011, Gretchen Cathey of the Worth Ave. Group explains why your homeowner's insurance isn't enough when it comes to your ...

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CES: Worth Ave Group Insurance

In this video Daniel gets to smash an iPod touch!

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SAVE YOUR MONEY and Watch this Video so you Don't buy these Products!!! More Bad Skin days than I can count, these products are all a hard pass!!! xo's ...

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Moving in to the New Year I've been taking a closer look at what I'm putting on my skin to improve it. xo's ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE ...

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The Truth about Tekton (Company Profile)

The Truth about Tekton (Company Profile) Even if you have heard them I'm willing to be that most of you don't really know who Tekton actually is. What if I told ...

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I Got a Haircut from One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Barber Shops | One Star Reviews

After months of neglect, it's time for Taji to make a visit to the barber. Luckily for him, One Star Reviews is covering the cost by visiting one of Yelp's worst-rated ...

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Who Makes The Best Ratchet

Today we look at who makes the best mechanic's ratchet. Ratchets may also be called Socket Wrenches. We look at different sized ratchets, different brands like ...

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In this 4th installment of our ceramic coating videos, I explain and clear up some of the biggest ceramic coating myths out there. Please Subscribe to our ...

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MrMobile Talks about Upsie & Reviews the Sony Xperia 1

If you're purchasing a new smartphone, protect it with Upsie! Upsie warranties cost up to 70% less than retailer warranties for the same great coverage.

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KNIPEX Tool Review -EricTheCarGuy

8 Long Nose Pliers $22.24: 10" Cutter $34.13: ..."

Youtube Icon Pallet Unboxing Uninspected Returns Retails $6,700.00 Online Reselling Bidet

I unbox this entire pallet and show you everything inside and show you the condition! Sign up for Payability at to get paid the ...

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Are 4 Rear Cameras Worth It? Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 Review

Worlds1stQuadCam #GalaxyA9 #A92018 Our full review of the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 after spending about a week with it. The Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 is ...

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Welding Helmet Buyer's Guide - Which Welding Helmet is Right for You? – Eastwood

In this video Randy shows how to choose a welding helmet and reviews the economy helmet, large view welding helmet, extra large view welding helmet and ...

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My $3,800 Brooklyn Apartment | 1 Bedroom Tour

We have moved to Brooklyn !! 1 bedroom NYC apartment tour Make it with Squarespace - Save 10% BEFORE you move ...

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The Cheapest Acoustic Guitar On Amazon vs $7500 Froggy Bottom!

What is the cheapest guitar on Amazon (£31.99) really like? is it playable? How does it compare with a Froggy Bottom that costs 250 times more? In the coming ...

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Dial Indicator comparison (Harbor freight versus Starrett)

Have you ever wondered how Harbor Freight Dial indicator stacks up against a Starrett? In the video I discuss one of the strength and weaknesses of both of ...

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HEY FAM! I got this Maybelline brow tattoo peel-off tint in the mail and couldn't wait to give it a try. Check out my review to see if this product is worth it or not!

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Why are CFM ratings BS?

Why won't your compressor keep up with a small air tool? Because the CFM ratings are taken at the suction INLET of the compressor, not the pressurized air ...

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