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Refresh Updated: 1 December. 2022
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Service Dog Registration // Access Issue Footage, Federal Law

READ ME ✬✓ SECTIONS OF VIDEO: 1:33 - Certification/Registration Laws 4:33 - ADA “Loophole?” 6:14 - Brief Overview of Video/Actual Footage 16:30 ...

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"Register Your Service Dog" Scams

This video was made to show how easy it is to falsely register ANYTHING (including inanimate objects) as service animals. Many of the fake" SD's you see are ..."

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How I got my dog signed off as an ESA//What You Need To Know

How I Got My Dog Signed Off As An ESA Lets Be Friends! Instagram: @ Twitter: @ tsalagibeauty Snapchat: usmcbaby_1775 What I Use: Camera: ...

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My ESA Process

Hey guys! I got a request to talk about the process I went through to obtain an ESA letter. In the video, I detail differences between ESA and service dogs.

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Landlord Rights With Emotional Support Animals

Landlord Rights With Emotional Support Animals.

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Is CertaPet A Scam? Read the CertaPet Reviews Here

See our CertaPet Reviews and learn why CertaPet is not a Scam: Specializes in Emotional Support ...

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Registering and Certifying your Emotional Support Animal Online

There are dozens of websites with misleading names that sound like governmental agencies because they begin with “United States” or end with a “.org”.

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What Is and How Do You Get an Emotional Support Animal?

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding what an emotional support animal is, what do they do and how does one get one. Animals (in particular dogs) ...

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Fly with Your Emotional Support Animal Legally

Flying with an Emotional Support Animal? Ensure you are flying legally with a letter from a licensed mental health professional. Click here to get an ESA Letter to ...

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Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal?

Order my book today! ARE U OK? A service animal is any dog that is trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual ...

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instagram: beautiful_altar Hi lovelies! Thank you so much for watching this video. Beau is my Emotional Support Animal who has helped me in more ways than I ...

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Emotional Support Animal- My Experience, Pros, and Cons

Hey guys! Here is my experience with my emotional support animal, and a short list of pros and cons that I have collected. Thanks for watching!

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