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Refresh Updated: 15 August. 2022
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Cardpool Review

Cardpool is an app that allows you to sell and purchase gift cards. These gift card can be sold for Amazon gift cards or cash. $5 for signup click link ...

Youtube Icon SCAM??!! Unusable Toys R Us Gift Cards!!

I purchased $400 worth of gift cards at 25% off as a test buy before spend $2000 or more dollars to purchase liquidation items from Toys R Us, at the moment the ...

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Woman loses money trying to sell gift card

A Las Vegas woman tried making some extra cash by selling a Home Depot gift card she won in a sweepstakes. But instead, the deal ended up costing her ...

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How to sell GIFT CARDS for CASH!!

Do you have some old gift cards in your wallet from places like Apple, Old Navy, Home Depot, Pottery Barn, Toys R Us, American Eagle? There are some gift ...

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Gift Card Marketplace Reviews

What is the best gift card marketplace? It's my belief the 100 day guarantee many marketplaces offer incentivizes them to be quiet about bad gift cards until the ...

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UPDATE reliable or scam November 2017 review


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I Try the App Raise to Sell My Gift Cards

I have a collection of gift cards from over the years. Some of them I know I'll never use, so I wanted to find a way to get rid of them and make a few bucks. In walks ...

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How I Got Scammed On The Raise App?! | Discount Gift Cards

The Rasie app is an easy way to buy discount gift cards instantly on your phone and save tons of money, but there's a chance you might buy from a seller that is ...

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Save Money Buying Gift Cards on the Raise App! Best App to BUY and SELL Gift Cards!!!

Save money buying gift cards on the Raise App! The Raise App may be the best app ever created. You know I got you guys with this. I always like to share my ...

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Using Raise Gift Cards

Using Raise Gift Cards Check Raise before you do any shopping! Chances are they'll have a gift card you can use, even if its only 5% or so off the original price.

Youtube Icon reliable or scam 2017 review

Is it a scam or can they be trusted? Recorded from Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

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Cardpool - Live Interview with Fox Business News

Anson Tsai, CEO of, talks about the growing popularity of Cardpool's online marketplace for buying, selling, and trading, gift cards.

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Raise app lets you sell gift cards and buy them at a discounted rate

Raise app lets you sell gift cards and buy them at a discounted rate. The holidays are just around the corner which means you could find yourself accumulating a ...

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Raise Gift Cards Legit | Saved Over $11,000

I have saved over $11k by using raise gift cards and I also love using them when I go out to eat. Saving money on food and eating good :) I been using Raise gift ...

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Cardpool: Finding Your Biggest Advocates

Cardpool's Brett Potts discusses how the brand uses Cardpool to find its biggest advocates and market through them to acquire its best new customers. See why ...

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How to Use a Coinstar Exchange Gift Card Kiosk

How to use a Coinstar Exchange Gift Card Kiosk. For more information on how to get cash for gift cards please visit

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How to Successfully Exit - Anson Tsai (Founder, Cardpool) #TOA14

Anson Tsai - Founder & CEO, Cardpool Tech Open Air is Europe's leading technology and innovation festival. Our mission is to connect, engage and inspire ...

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The Lord Of The Rings: Adventure Card Game | Review

We head to Middle-earth to build the one deck to rule them all! -- MORE GGSP -- See it first on the ABC ME App!

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