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Refresh Updated: 1 October. 2022
Youtube Icon Review: My Actual Profit Numbers for the Last 6 Months - vs Wal-Mart

In this video I Review my Profit Numbers from and Wal-Mart. Many of you have asked for my numbers so here you go. If you have any questions just let ...

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Is bulq worth it? A real honest and legit bulq review / unboxing 2019 Part 1

Does BULQ suck? Let's find out. Watch as I unbox an electronics un-inspected returns box from BULQ. I did not get paid to do this review, and BULQ has no idea ...

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EPIC FAIL: How To NOT buy from First Liquidation Unboxing

You have to own your failures when sourcing product to resell. Youtube Subscribe -- How to Stay ...

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Bulq Review of Liquidation Pallet Box Lot. Why This Unboxing Made Me Mad!

My recent unboxing of a lot was just unacceptable. Why was I so mad? You won't believe what they sent me in this new" product lot to buy and sell."

Youtube Icon Pallet Review of a Salvage Pallet, paid $500.00

Sorry for the mispronunciations I have corrected them thanks! In this video I will Review the products that I purchased from This is a Pallet of Salvaged ...

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Is BULQ Worth It? How We Save Using BULQ

Follow us on instagram: @worththehustle Anabel and I tried using BULQ to buy supplies for our AirBnb. We saved quite a bit of money but at a little bit of a price.

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I Bought a Small Pallet Case of Target Returns for $508 from | Unboxing and Pricing

Buy Items I Use Everyday while Packing and Shipping!: Uline 14x20 Poly Bags: T-Shirt 11x14 Poly Bags: Cling ...

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I bought a box from with $1300 worth of electronics

This is the 3rd box I purchased from In this box there are approximately $1300 worth of electronics and I paid $200. Please watch the video and let me ...

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Unboxing A Like New Bulq Amazon Returns Pallet

Today on Side Hustle Sunday we are introducing our new channel Pallet Jackin"!! This channel will be focused on out journey of buying bulk goods from ..."

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BULQ Merchandise UNBOXING $500 Pallet New Customer Retail Overstock Pallet Bricks to Clicks

This is an overstock pallet that was purchased for $500. All new merchandise on this pallet. A quick flip for profit and it only took a couple of seconds to order ...

Youtube Icon Uninspected Returns Liquidation Pallet Review 2018

Modern day Couple's review of their first Bulq uninspected returns order for 2018, in search for the best wholesale and liquidation pallet. PLEASE LIKE ...

Youtube Icon REVIEW - Did I make my money back? - 2 weeks later

I'm back with a review of my experience thus far with! Was my experiment successful? Tune in and find out! Watch my unboxing video ...

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BULQ Case Unboxing to Sell on eBay, Amazon and More!

BULQ Case Unboxing to Sell on eBay, Amazon and More! In this video I unbox a BULQ case of brand new women's accessories! Join me as I go through this 21 ...

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SCAMMED by a MAJOR Liquidation company $6k for "electronics" Amazon Pallets Did they make it right?

I paid $6k for 2 huge pallets of electronics returns from amazon. I did NOT get electronics""

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Uninspected Return REVIEW #2 - Worth it?

How did my second experiment turn out? Tune in and find out! Want to see the unboxing in action? Click this link:

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Comparing Liquidation Sites for Reselling Bulq, OEM, Ect

A how to Video that Shows you the Ins and outs of Selling Online via Ebay or Amazon Platforms. Purchase My Hooked on Pickin' Reseller Program: ...

Youtube Icon BULQ unboxing review! 2019

In this video we unbox a Box. I purchased this box for $103.00 including shipping. This is a Box of Household items. We will be doing more of ...

Youtube Icon Unboxing Great Profits May 2017 $380.00 Box of Unidentified Returns

Watch as I open another box from I purchased this box for $380.00. It is filled with Unidentified Returns. Want Hooked on Pickin' Merchandise get it ...

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