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Refresh Updated: 15 August. 2022
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Unboxing the Nintendo Switch, Refurbished from Blinq

I purchased a refurbished Nintendo Switch after seeing them on sale on Blinq via the NintendoSwitch subreddit. People on reddit were wondering the condition ...

Youtube Icon - Caveat Emptor - Customer Service Debacle

I purchased items from, and unfortunately one item was missing. After contacting support many many I was told to go pound sand. I explained to them ...

Youtube Icon discount website review BLINQ Drones website review Join Drone Days Facebook

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Should You Buy Refurbished Electronics?

Freshbooks message: Head over to and don't forget to enter Tech Quickie in the “How Did You Hear About Us” section when ...

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Blinq - Explained by Ben's Mom

It's a guilt-free shopping spree!." explained by Ben's mom

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Refurbished Apple iPad Air 2 Unboxing & Review. As good as new?

Refurbished iPad Air 2 Review. You can only get Apple certified refurbished hardware from Twitter & IG: ...

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Retin-A or a313 French Beauty Cream | Derma Rolling | Wig Chat | Monika's Beauty & Lifestyle

Retin-A or a313 French Beauty Cream | Derma Rolling | Wig Chat | Monika's Beauty & Lifestyle In this video I discuss the things I am changing in 2020 for anti ...

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Blink XT Smart Home Security Camera by Amazon - Full Review - Smart Robots Review

On this episode of Smart Robots Review, Elias reviews the Blink XT Home Security Camera by Blink (an Amazon Company). This compact wireless camera is ...

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What Does 'Open Box' Mean?

BLINQ sells products in multiple conditions. If you've ever wondered what 'open box' products look like, check out BLINQ team member Claire opening a variety ...

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Blinq l-Lash Serum | Luscious Lashes For You | Sixty Plus | Mature Beauty

In this video I share the results of my recent Blinq l-Lash eye lash serum giveaway and that Blinq I-Lash is now officially available in USA and Canada and they ...

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Blinq EyeLash Serum | Lucky Winner | Mature Beauty | Sixty Plus

Blinq EyeLash Serum winner! I am loving the results of my Blinq serum and hope my lovely winners loves it as well. I started using Blinq on Feb 14 2018 - BLinq ...

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Blinq Ring

The world's first wearable tech jewelry. Filter the noise.

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NOW is the iPad Pro a Computer??

Lower your phone bill at and get $25 in Ting credit Pick up your custom ORIGIN PC desktop powered by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics ...

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4 Top Smart Rings 2019 Reviews

Best Smart Rings 2019 1. Motiv - 2. Jakcom R3 - 3. KEYDEX NFC - 4. LYCOS Life NFC ...

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WATCH ME SPEAK BM! | Aisha Reviews: Blinq Foundation

Watch me speak in BM! Hahaha feels so weird. *CORRECTION The founder is a woman but Dr Hannan is a guy I got confused hehe sorry! For further ...

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Retin-A | Nivea | Evening Skincare update | Mature Beauty | Sixty Plus

Affordable Retin-A ➙ (affiliate link) This is a giveaway and thus I will not be able to respond to any of your questions. This Giveaway will run ...

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Gadgetina: Blinq Smart Ring

Gadgetina Martina Zammit shows us her a Gadget that you will NOT think is a Gadget. The Blinq is a ring that could be considered a hybrid smart device as it ...

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Aisha Reviews: Nuura Air Cushion Foundation

I used this Nuura Air Cushion Foundation and here are my thoughts on it. Interested? Check them out! For ...

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