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Full Race Replay: 500 from Talladega Superspeedway

Relive the all the big wrecks and Ryan Blaney's .007 second win over Ryan Newman in this weeks Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series full race replay.

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How to Write a Product Review at

Writing a product review on is not only an opportunity to offer helpful advice to future customers, but also a great way to win prizes such as a $50 ...

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Why Switch to GE LED HID Replacement Lamps? |

Upgrade to LED lighting while keeping your existing HID fixture by retrofitting with GE LED HID replacement lamps. Designed to match the ANSI profiles, these ...

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How to Install an Ultra Thin LED Downlight Outdoors |

Ultra thin LED downlights are just what you need to bring light to shallow soffits outdoors. These wet location rated fixtures are designed specifically for outdoor ...

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How to Install an LED Ultra-Thin Wafer Downlight | Lithonia Lighting

The LED Ultra-Thin Wafer Downlight from Lithonia Lighting is an easy to install recessed lighting solution for any ceiling, including those with a shallow plenum.

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Visit to see more of our products! is an award-winning Internet-based lighting retailer. The company offers ...

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Soraa LED MR16 Comparison

In this video, we demonstrate the differences between a Soraa LED MR16 and a standard LED MR16. See the differences for yourself! Learn more here: ...

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Color Changing C7 & C9 LED Christmas Lights |

Use color changing LED Christmas lights with your existing light strings: ...

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Lithonia OneUp LED Downlights Product Overview |

The Lithonia OneUp LED downlight module has a canless" design for installation in a third of the time it takes to install a traditional can light. Shop now: ..."

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Find Christmas light bulbs at We're changing the way the world buys Christmas lighting.

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GE Relax HD LED Bulb |

Create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in your home by adding these GE Relax HD LED A19 light bulbs to table lamps, sconces, and other open fixtures.

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PLT LED Round High Bay Lens Assembly |

PLT LED round high bay fixtures are available with several lens options, including flat lenses and reflectors. Buy PLT fixtures from ...

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Torchstar Vs Parmida LED Recessed Ceiling Lights | Flickering & Brightness

Torchstar Lights: Parmida Lights: In this video., I am comparing two recessed or flush mounted LED ceiling lights ...

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LED Edison Bulb Review

Inspired by Thomas Edison's original carbon filament design, LED Edison bulbs provide an iconic glow with the benefits of modern technology.

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Benefits of LED Tubes

Experience the difference an LED tube can make when used in fixtures traditionally designed for fluorescent bulbs. LED tubes consume less power and last ...

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Lutron Caseta Home Kit & Siri Integration [Review]

Caseta Wireless by Lutron integrates with Siri to let you turn your lights on and off with your iPhone. when integrated with Apple TV, you can even turn your lights ...

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