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  • Jimmy Brown thumbs UP

    Thanks Harry! I like the big amount of servers (over 5000) and their wide distribution, which makes it easy to find one close to me. I also enjoy their app interface, which is really friendly and easy to use. Their server’s mapping is really helpful, and given the amount of choices available, the zoom capacity is a must. I had some problems with the installation, but I consulted their customer service, and the ticket was promptly answered and the problem solved. I would like to highlight that Harry, the consultant who helped me, was very willing and knowledgeable, providing an invaluable help to me. Thanks Harry! Read More → Hide ←

  • Kyle thumbs UP

    Just the right solution I have been shopping around for the right VPN for my business. I found it in NordVPN. This service offers very much what I need, namely, transparency, good protection and great availability. Transparency is achieved by their service having been audited by an independent party. This audit verified their no log policy and the results were made available to all users. Good protection is provided by their double encryption and DNS leak protection technologies. This is enhanced by the no log policy previously mentioned. Great availability is due to the fact that there are over 5800 servers distributed all over the world. As a result, most users can choose one nearby them (Although, I believe Russian users are constrained in this regard). Thanks to this network of servers, the speed attained is very reasonable, even during downloads. Read More → Hide ←

  • William thumbs UP

    Double encryption I’m really impressed with NordVPN’s double encryption technology. I think it is a great idea to protect both sides of the dialogue. However, I would like to suggest a better explanation of this feature, as the description available in their FAQ is not deep enough. The explanation has to cater for the layman and describe in detail what it is and how it works. In my case, I had to google for a while, in order to fully understand this advantage. Read More → Hide ←

  • James thumbs UP

    Transparency For someone concerned about his privacy like me, service transparency is important. NordVPN has achieved a lot in this regard by having been audited by a third party, namely PriceWaterhouseCoopers. I also like their choice of the Switzerland branch, as this is a country with a serious business reputation. The audit confirmed their no log policy and its results were made available to all users. Read More → Hide ←

  • Habib thumbs UP

    Good but a bit expensive After researching several options, I decided to try NordVPN. So far, the results have been good. Privacy is well maintained via their double encryption technology, the speed is reasonable and the features available are aimed at different user levels, including sophisticated ones. However, when I needed to consult customer service, the ticket was not promptly answered. This caused a delay in my work that was unnecessary. Considering that NordVPN is slightly more expensive than other alternatives, this problem should not have occurred. Read More → Hide ←

  • Asghar thumbs UP

    Friendly app NordVPN has a very friendly user interface. The server mappings stands out for its ease of use, and for containing a zoom capability that really helps the user to find the optimal server location. Furthermore, this VPN has many useful special features, such as P2P and Tor capabilities, that provide an edge over its competitors. Although the price is a bit higher, it makes sense to pay it for an assured privacy. Recommended! Read More → Hide ←

  • Walter Li thumbs UP

    As a software developer I’m highly impressed by the NordVPN app. I use it from my Android phone, and it works flawlessly. Installing it was very straightforward, and since the initial moment I have not experienced any problems. Due to my job - I travel quite a lot - I have tried servers from several countries, and found that they are all working great. Besides, I enjoy the possibility of connecting to P2P apps, and the Onion over VPN feature, as I’m a frequent Tor user. Read More → Hide ←

  • Devorah thumbs UP

    I believe NordVPN is one of the best VPNs available on the market. Its military grade encryption feature basically guarantees that your data is being protected and that no government agency can track your online activity. However, one point of caution, your Internet surfing must be routed via their servers, otherwise, an ISP can see your online activities in what is called a DNS leak. The great thing is that NordVPN provides additional protection for this problem, which ensures that your privacy is basically maintained 100% of the time. Read More → Hide ←

  • Wilhem thumbs UP

    P2P NordVPN is one of the few VPNs that offers the possibility of using P2P services without problems. I applaud this feature as it allows my business to grow without the fear of our privacy being compromised, and because it works at a very reasonable speed. I also like the wide network of servers, which includes many in Germany, my country of residence, as this gives me the possibility of choosing one close to my offices. Read More → Hide ←

  • Oliver thumbs UP

    Great user interface In my opinion, the best feature of NordVPN is its easy to use and to learn interface. For someone like me, who didn’t grow up with computers, it is a very important plus. From the beginning, I had no problem to download and install the apps, which now I have on my laptop and Android cellphone. Once installed, using it was very straightforward, requiring not much technical knowledge. The server maps are clear and easy to use, and require almost zero learning time. Read More → Hide ←

  • Harry thumbs UP

    I’m very pleased to recommend NordVPN. I have been using this service for over a year, and in my own personal experience, it is first class. The pros are many: excellent encryption technology, good speed, and - what is a rarity nowadays - an efficient customer service. The cons: perhaps a bit expensive when compared with competitors, but worth the money you pay for it. Read More → Hide ←

  • Zhao thumbs UP

    Great VPN For someone connecting to China frequently, NordVPN presents the best option to bypass the “Great Firewall” that our government has created. Although not perfect, I can still protect my identity with a high degree of security. Besides, the no log policy provides me with the assurance that no trace of my online activity is being kept. Read More → Hide ←

  • Carlos thumbs UP

    I have been using NordVPN from Argentina for the past year. No problems so far. The speed is great; the double encryption system seems to work very well, when it comes to privacy protection; and there is a vast amount of servers available. All these facts make me realize that I made the right choice. Just a comment on their customer service. Although they answered my question, it took them a few days to find a solution to my installation problem. I’m not a techie, but I’m sure this could have been done more efficiently. Read More → Hide ←

  • Walter S. thumbs UP

    In general, NordVPN offers a good service. The speed is good, it provides a safe framework, and their no log policy has been verified by a third party. Their app is friendly and quite easy to install and use. However, what I don’t like is the fact that sometimes I see that the IP addresses are recognized as belonging to a different country than my own. For example some locations in the US have appeared as from Europe. Read More → Hide ←

  • Dora thumbs UP

    Decent service The thing that I like the most about NordVPN is that the connections are fast and that I can download through their services at a decent speed. In addition, their customer service is good when compared with other ones. We had a couple of questions in our business, which were promptly answered by NordVPN consultants. This factor was key in our selection of a service provider, because time is money, and a delay can cause serious consequences in our line of business. On the down side, their servers mapping presentation has presented some problems for our employees. I think it should be improved. Read More → Hide ←

  • Simon thumbs UP

    Good performance I have used NordVPN for a few months, and I must say that I’m happy with the result. The service is good, I haven’t experience any downtime, and the speed is acceptable, also considering that I use an old machine, these facts give a huge plus to this VPN . Overall, I can recommend NordVPN to anyone who needs an affordable and proficient VPN service. Read More → Hide ←

  • Joshua thumbs UP

    Best VPN available Without doubt NordVPN is the best VPN available on the market. Its main advantages over its competitors are: excellent speed, manifested even during downloads; top of the rank encryption technologies (military-grade); a very efficient network of servers (over 5000 servers widely distributed over the world); and a very professional customer service. Although the price is probably a bit higher, when compared with other VPNs, it is definitely worth paying it. Read More → Hide ←

  • Mohamed thumbs UP

    Ease of use As an Arabic speaker, whose English is not so good, I’m very happy to say that the UI of this application is very easy to install and use. I had a small problem, contacted customer service and help was available on the spot. I have recommended this VPN to my friends, and some of them have expressed their satisfaction with the product several times. Good work NordVPN! Read More → Hide ←

  • Ali thumbs UP

    Happy with the service I’m an international worker, who uses the Internet mainly from his cellphone to communicate with his family at home. The feature I love the most about this VPN is its encryption, which makes me feel safe knowing that my privacy is kept intact. Besides, I have experienced no problems so far, and its price is very affordable. Read More → Hide ←

  • Barak thumbs UP

    Audited no logging Excellent VPN, which has independently verified its no log policy. This is a very important feature, as it gives the necessary transparency to the service. Particularly since it is based in a country like Panana, which does not have a great reputation for transparency. Read More → Hide ←

  • Nelson thumbs UP

    Good tool. Just needs some UI improvement NordVPN is a good tool in our business. It provides the necessary privacy that our clients demand. Its features are quite complete, including the double encryption, no log policy and the vast amount of servers it uses. However, I must say that its user interface is not so good. It definitely needs improvement. The servers mapping is a bit confusing for someone like me, without computer knowledge. On the positive side, I must explain that their customer service is helpful and on average it answers our questions and problems quite swiftly. Overall, a good tool for the business. Read More → Hide ←

  • Ronald thumbs UP

    Excellent VPN I’m a software engineer, mostly involved in the programming of crypto-algorithms, who currently uses NordVPN on a regular base. First, I must say that I’m impressed with their encryption technology. The AES 256 CBC algorithm is the perfect choice for this type of service. This, coupled with their DNS leak protection gives the user a high level of security and privacy. Second, their platform is very versatile. I use it in on my Windows laptop, my Android cellphone and my Apple TV. All of them present good performance, and it was very easy to setup the router to connect my Apple TV too. Finally, their customer service is really helpful. When setting up the router, I had a very technical question, which was promptly and accurately answered by the guy who contacted me. Read More → Hide ←

  • Stocky guy thumbs UP

    Good VPN I think that an important feature of this VPN is that it is a so-called Double VPN. This means that my Web traffic is being transmitted through two secure servers, which provides an extra layer of safety. Added to this, it’s an impressive server count, which ensures a reliable and continuous service. As from my personal side, I use this VPN mainly for streaming and torrenting without having experienced any problems so far. Read More → Hide ←

  • Nancy L thumbs UP

    Great choice for a remote worker like me I am a remote worker, who often uses public Wi-Fi. As such, NordVPN gives me the protection I need for my daily tasks, and more importantly, the peace of mind that I need to concentrate on my work. Its double encryption mechanism, coupled with its no logs policy and leak protection makes NordVPN one of the most secure VPNs available out there. And when you work from coffee shops and other public places, believe me, this is something that matters! Read More → Hide ←

  • Harold Stone thumbs UP

    Great for Netflix fans NordVPN lets me watch Netflix from anywhere in the world. The service has a great choice of services, which are mapped on their user interface, helping the user to choose from places such as Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Read More → Hide ←

  • Richard Wright thumbs UP

    Good value for your money NordVPN is a good choice when you think about what you get for what you pay for. It offers a wide selection of features, including a good interface, reasonable speed, and a knowledgeable customer service. At the beginning I was a bit worried about the fact that it is a Panama based company, but then I understood why. Panama is a country that has a legal system that permits this type of business, and for us, to keep our privacy without the fear of being constantly watched by Big Brother. Another important feature is its vast amount of servers, which allows me to connect basically from anywhere, anytime. Summarizing, NordVPN offers a good service for the money you pay. Read More → Hide ←

  • Max thumbs UP

    Highly recommended The level of protection of NordVPN is very good and reliable, the provided privacy makes it possible to enjoy the connection of all web pages without the fear of being tracked. Before being able to enter any online page, this VPN scans it and reports if it is a reliable page or not. Although at times I encountered a few problems, they were quickly addressed by their customer service, and I could almost immediately notice the improvement. Besides, it has an affordable price. Read More → Hide ←

  • Garry thumbs UP

    Affordable and easy to understand The service is affordable for those who are looking for the right combination of privacy and speed. Besides, cryptocurrencies are accepted as a means of payment and it has a 30-day money-back guarantee. The user interface is good and easy to understand. As a non-IT person, I was able to understand most of its features, and very importantly, how encryption is tackled. Encryption has always been a black box to me. However, when I consulted their FAQ, I could immediately understand what “double VPN” entails and how it works. Further research, made me understand that NordVPN offers a good level of performance even with older equipment. Read More → Hide ←

  • Mike thumbs UP

    Freedom This VPN service provides me with the freedom that I need in my work. In security, it works unparalleled. I use it on my Samsung, my iPad, and my desktop. No problems at all. It works as promised. Completely satisfied. For me, it’s the best VPN! Read More → Hide ←

  • Novak thumbs UP

    Excellent customer service! I had a few questions about their encryption, and the person that I talked with, was very polite and understanding considering my strong accent. He explained everything so quickly. So from my experience, excellent communication with customers. Read More → Hide ←

  • Marcus thumbs UP

    I like NordVPN I like NordVPN because it offers good encryption, a zero-logging policy and great speed. Besides, it has an impressive number of servers, which allows me to login anywhere I go. Great with Netflix as well! Read More → Hide ←

  • Noreen thumbs UP

    Recommended! After a using many VPNs over the years, I can say that this is the BEST of all. Great speed, good encryption and no-logging, combined with a good customer service makes me recommend NordVPN to anyone who is looking for privacy and a good combination of features. Read More → Hide ←

  • Michael thumbs UP

    NordVPN makes it simple The key advantage is that with NordVPN, you can just use it and forget about any technicalities, feeling safe wherever you are. Read More → Hide ←

  • Brian thumbs UP

    Easy to use VPN Although not perfect, it is an easy to use VPN, with plenty of functionalities at all different user levels. Read More → Hide ←

  • Hussein A. thumbs UP

    Helping me work Being a reporter in the Middle East is not easy, and sometimes it can be dangerous. NordVPN helps me daily, by ensuring that my privacy is not at stake. Read More → Hide ←

  • Wang thumbs UP

    Peace of mind I have been with NordVPN for a while, and I’m glad that I chose its service. It has given me the peace of mind that my privacy is guaranteed and safe warded. I would just suggest that their customer service includes Chinese speaking employees, as it would make it easier for many people like me, who are not proficient in English. Read More → Hide ←

  • Eugene thumbs UP

    Great customer service Not being an IT guru makes my life difficult sometimes. However, NordVPN customer service has helped me with all my problems. Prompt and right to the point answers has meant that I can concentrate on what I know best, knowing that my technical problems are in good hands. Read More → Hide ←

  • Megan B. thumbs UP

    Love it! I love NordVPN! Great speed combined with safe secrecy has meant for me that I made the correct choice. I’m a nomad computer worker, which means that I live all over the world. Some places are not safe, but relying on NordVPN has giving me the assurance that my privacy is fully protected. I fully recommend its services. Read More → Hide ←

  • Isabella thumbs UP

    Neither good nor bad I have been using NordVPN for the past six months. Overall, the service is average. The big amount of servers available provides an important factor, as it is possible to choose one nearby your location. However, the speed is not great, particularly when downloading material from the Web. When compared with other services, NordVPN is rather pricey, and I don’t think that this price difference is justified by a better service. Read More → Hide ←

  • Samantha thumbs UP

    Doubts I have some serious doubts about NordVPN transparency. Why is there no country of jurisdiction specified in your terms of service? Does it imply that if I have a problem I can never legally sue you? This is something very concerning, particularly because when it comes to personal data, everything should be very clear and transparent. Read More → Hide ←

  • Jack thumbs UP

    A combination of safety measures without proper customer service I chose NordVPN due to its good combination of advanced technology and customer service. My main concern was speed. I need a proficient Internet, and NordVPN claimed to work even with old computers. I considered their 30 day money-back guarantee, and registered for the service. That was three months ago. I had no problems so far, until I changed to my new Mac a week ago. Since them, the service keeps hanging. I contacted their customer service. We chat and they explained to me that the problem had been solved and that now I should be able to surf the Internet without problems. However, the problem persists. I have been battling with them for a few days, without any solution; and in order to continue with my work, I switched back to my old laptop. It is quite frustrating considering that the 30 days guarantee is over, and I’m seriously considering changing to another VPN provider. Read More → Hide ←

  • Anthony thumbs UP

    Very slow network I have been using NordVPN for some weeks, and I’m surprised by their low speed. When I consulted with their customer service, they explained to me that it was my ISP fault and not theirs. When I asked my ISP, they replied the opposite, and I believe them, because in general I didn’t have this problem previously. Read More → Hide ←

  • Shawn thumbs UP

    Download problems I have tried to download your app, but no luck. Every time I do so, it results in a corrupted file. Contacted customer service, but still no answer to my ticket. Can’t recommend this VPN. Read More → Hide ←

  • Ibrahim thumbs UP

    An average VPN Although NordVPN markets itself as an over the average VPN, and prices it accordingly, my experience with this VPN shows nothing outstanding. I have their app on my laptop and phone. In both cases, I have noticed a decrease in speed and performance, when compared to normal online activity. Plus, even though they market themselves using military grade encryption, according to my understanding they don’t use any super special technology that is unavailable out there. Adding to it, a customer service that is not so knowledgeable, the result is an average performing VPN service. Read More → Hide ←

  • Morgan S thumbs UP

    Not trustable NordVPN, where are you? Are you in Panana, the USA or simply nowhere? How do you expect me to trust a VPN service that has no clear head office? How can I trust your 30 days money back guarantee if you accept cryptocurrencies? Definitely, I won’t use or recommend your services. Read More → Hide ←

  • Oliver thumbs UP

    No customer service Tried to contact customer service several times. Once I finally got an answer, the guy who was on the line had no clue about how to install the app. And … still waiting for my money back! Read More → Hide ←

  • Santiago thumbs UP

    Not recommended I tried to install your software, but I couldn’t. Contacted customer service, but no useful answers. Read your manual, but still no solution. So, I just can say: NordVPN, you are not recommended! Read More → Hide ←

  • Amar thumbs UP

    Unhappy customer NordVPN doesn’t deliver on its promises. Very low speed anywhere I go, plus connection problems, made me decide to cancel my contract. Read More → Hide ←

  • Rita thumbs UP

    Where are you NordVPN? Still waiting for your answer! What kind of user-friendly interface is this that I can’t even login to my emails! Read More → Hide ←

  • Howard thumbs UP

    Customer service sucks! I chose NordVPN because I thought that it had good performance, ease of use and a good customer service. What a mistake! When I encountered a few issues with their UI, I contacted their customer service. After a long wait, a very rude woman, whose knowledge was close to zero left me with my problems unsolved. I wouldn’t recommend NordVPN to anyone who is looking for a decent combination of service and customer support. Goodbye NordVPN! Read More → Hide ←

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