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Fans of horror movies have it great because they can enjoy a seemingly endless supply of new flicks to watch. One horror movie that many fans of the genre missed when it premiered in 2017 was Wish Upon. This supernatural horror movie follows a teenage girl, Clare Shannon, who finds a magic box that grants wishes in exchange for a human sacrifice.

The movie wasn’t exactly a smashing hit, grossing over $23 million on a budget of $12 million, but many movie critics have praised its innovative plot full of intense moments of chilling suspense and mystery. If you’re willing to forgive the movie its many technical and logical flaws, you shouldn’t wait to see it.

Unfortunately, even niche theaters that specialize in horror movies no longer play Wish Upon, but we know how you can watch it online for free. Don’t worry: we’re not about to suggest you go to a torrent site like The Pirate Bay and download it from there.

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Method 1: Watch Wish Upon Movie on PutLocker

  • Advantages: One of the oldest online streaming sites. Allows you to make request and browse movies and TV shows by genre, country, and release year.
  • Disadvantages: Because PutLocker has been around for such a long time, many internet service providers actively block access to it. Displays pop-up windows.

Watch Wish Upon Movie 2017 OnlinePutLocker is among the oldest online streaming sites. Its design and layout have been copied by countless newer streaming sites—and for a good reason. The site is easy to navigate, runs great even on older computers, and has many extra features that keep its users coming back for more.

For example, there’s a handy autoplay feature that lets you watch a whole season of a TV show without pressing a single button between individual episodes. You can also change the background of the site to a dark color to make it easier on your eyes, but you might be better off pressing the fullscreen button to make the movie the sole focus of your attention.

Most movies that you can watch on PutLocker are available from multiple third-party content providers, including MyCloud, RapidVideo, Streamango, and OpenLoad. Some of these content providers have two or more versions of the same movie in different qualities, so you can easily choose the one that works best with your internet connection. Each movie on the site is properly tagged, so it’s easy to find more of the same.

How to watch Wish Upon on PutLocker:

  1. Go to:
  2. Type “Wish Upon” into the search bar in the top-right corner.
    Where to Watch 2017 Online
  3. Select the movie and click the play button.
    Wish Upon 2017 horror movie Online

Method 2: Watch Wish Upon Movie on 123Movies

  • Advantages: Has a familiar user interface design. Offer a large selection of anime, cartoons, and Asian dramas. Can be accessed through multiple alternative domains.
  • Disadvantages: A pop-up blocker is a must, and the site is best enjoyed with an ad-blocker. Not possible to add subtitles.

123 movies logo123Movies shares a similar design with OakMovies, which is a good thing in our opinion. The most significant difference between the two sites is how much more aggressive 123Movies is when it comes to ads and pop-up windows. We really don’t recommend visiting the site without a good ad-blocker browser extension such as AdBlock or uBlock Origin because you’re guaranteed to see very annoying pop-up windows appear after every click.

123Movies is an excellent source of Asian dramas. You can watch Where Stars Land, Bungaku Shojo, The Ghost Detective, Matrimonial Chaos, Bad Papa, Accidentally In Love, Life On Mars, and many other Asian hit movies for free and from anywhere in the world.

Of course, 123Movies also has just about every Western movie you can think of, as well as cartoons and TV shows. Most movies and TV shows on the site are available in multiple versions, and you can share what you’ve just watched on Facebook and Twitter with a simple click. We just wish 123Movies would use a different media player because it’s currently not possible to add subtitles.

How to watch Wish Upon on 123Movies:

  1. Go to:
  2. Type “Wish Upon” into the search bar in the top-right corner.
    Watch Wish Upon Movie Online for Free
  3. Select the movie and click the play button.
    Watch Wish Upon Movie Online

Method 3: Watch Wish Upon Movie on OakMovies

  • Advantages: Movies of all genres. Polished user interface that just works. Many extra features to enhance your viewing experience. Active on social media.
  • Disadvantages: Uses a .com domain, which means that its availability isn’t guaranteed.

Previously known as, OakMovies is a relatively new online streaming site that offers movies of all genres, including action, comedy, drama, foreign, music, science fiction, war, adventure, crime, family, history, mystery, thriller, western, animation, documentary, fantasy, horror, romance, and others.

The site has a strong social media presence, and you can follow it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Google Plus. It’s the only online streaming site featured in this article with a .com domain. The reason why so few online streaming sites have a .com domain has a lot to do with the Motion Picture Association of America, an American trade association representing the six major film studios of Hollywood, and its practice of domain name takedowns.

Because the Motion Picture Association of America cannot force OakMovies or other online streaming sites to close their doors, it goes after their domain names instead. It’s hard to say for how long will OakMovies be able to keep its domain name, but you shouldn’t be too surprised if the site goes suddenly becomes inaccessible. Just follow it on Twitter or Facebook so you can be among the first to learn what its new domain is.

How to watch Wish Upon on OakMovies:

  1. Go to:
  2. Type “Wish Upon” into the search bar in the top-right corner.
    Wish Upon (2017)
  3. Select the movie and click the play button.
    Watch Wish Upon Movie 2017 Online for Free

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