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It’s no secret that watching anime in the West is not as easy as many fans would like it to be. The few anime shows that get licensed and air on television cater to popular tastes, leaving diehard anime enthusiast wishing for more content to watch.

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Well, you may consider today to be your lucky day because what we have for you in this article are three methods how you can watch any anime you want online for free almost as soon as it gets released in Japan.

Method 1: Use Nyaa Torrents and a Streaming Torrent Client

  • Advantages: Fresh anime releases straight from Japanese. Uncompressed Blu-ray releases with no dubbing or subtitles as well as releases with hard-coded subtitles. Clean, easy-to-use user interface.
  • Disadvantages: You have to download and install a streaming torrent client for this method to work. Some torrents take a long time to download, and it might not be possible to stream them in real-time.

Nyaa Torrents is a BitTorrent website that focuses on East Asian media, specifically Japanese anime and video games. It is one of the largest public anime-related torrent sites on the internet, and all fans of anime should do themselves a favor and learn how to use Nyaa Torrents to stream anime.

To do that, you need a streaming torrent client like WebTorrent Desktop. This free, open source application allows you to instantly stream video and audio torrents even when they are not fully downloaded yet. You can use WebTorrent Desktop to cast videos to AirPlay, Chromecast, and DLNA to enjoy anime on your HDTV. Best of all, WebTorrent Desktop is 100 percent bloat-free, and it can open magnet links and .torrent files alike.

.To stream anime for free from Nyaa Torrents using WebTorrent Desktop:

  1. Go to:
    Watch Anime Online for Free
  2. Download the version for your operating system. WebTorrent Desktop is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
    Watch Anime Online Free
  3. Install the application and launch it.
    Watch Anime Online
  4. Go to:
    Watch Anime
  5. Search for any anime you want using the search bar in the top-left corner of the screen.
    howto Watch Anime Online for Free
  6. Use the small Download link next to your anime to download its torrent file.
    Anime Online Free
  7. Drag the downloaded torrent file into WebTorrent Desktop.
    Watch Anime
  8. Wait for your stream to start.
    Anime Free

Keep in mind that it may not be possible to stream torrents with only a couple of seeds. In that case, your best bet is to use a regular torrent client and download the anime to your computer before you start watching it.

Method 2: Watch Anime Online on Free Streaming Sites

  • Advantages: All anime shows are instantly available. No need to install any software on your computer. All you need is a web browser. Works even on mobile devices.
  • Disadvantages: It sometimes takes a long time for fresh anime releases to be added to free streaming sites. You may encounter malicious ads and pop-ups, so it’s necessary to use a good ad-block.

Free streaming sites allows you to watch anime online without having to download it first. There are countless free streaming sites with anime on the internet, but many of them are of questionable quality. Here’s a list of top 3 best anime sites where you can find all popular anime series in high quality, both in the Japanese language and with English subtitles:

how to Watch Anime OnlineGoGoAnime describes itself as the world’s largest anime website, and we are inclined to believe that it’s true. The site has everything from Naruto to Monster Hunter to Sakura Internet to Satsuriku no Tenshi, and all shows are hosted on at least two third-party servers to ensure their flawless availability.

GoGoAnime users are very active when it comes to leaving comments and talking about their favorite shows, which gives the site a nice homely feeling.

how to Watch Anime OnlineKissAnime is an unassuming anime website with a modest design and an astonishingly large library of dubbed and subbed anime. You would be hard-pressed to think of an anime genre that’s not on KissAnime.

Action, adventure, demons, drama, ecchi, fantasy, magic, mecha, mystery, romance, seinen, shounen, space, thriller, or yuri anime are all represented on the site, and you can sort them by alphabet, popularity, or date. Of course, you can also search for specific anime directly using a search bar, and registered users can make requests for anime they would like to see added to the site.

howto Watch Anime OnlineOn, you can watch dubbed and subbed anime for free right from your web browser. New episodes and anime shows are added on a daily basis, and there’s already so much content on AnimeFreak that it would take you years to watch everything.

At the moment, the site has over 10,000 anime episodes, which is an astonishingly high number if you think about it. AnimeFreak has its own Android app, called animemobile, that you can use to comfortably watch anime on any Android device.

.How to Watch Anime Online on Free Streaming Sites without Ads

The biggest problem with anime websites is the fact that they are plagued by ads, many of which have been found to be malicious. One wrong click could cause your computer or mobile device to get infected, which could end up costing you lots of time and potentially even money.

Fortunately, you can eliminate most ads on anime websites using an ad-blocker like uBlock Origin. This open-source, cross-platform browser extension for content-filtering is available for Safari, Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Firefox, and Opera, and we recommend you install it before you visit any anime website.

Unlike many other similar browser extensions for content-filtering, uBlock Origin doesn’t require much processing power when blocking ads, which means that it works flawlessly even on older computer.

To install it in Chrome:

  1. Go to:
    download Anime for free
  2. Using the search bar in the top-left corner of the page, search for “ublock origin.”
    download Anime
  3. Click the blue “Add to Chrome” button and wait for uBlock Origin to install.
    download Anime free

uBlock Origin is design to block virtually all ads even in its default configuration, but you can customize its behavior and content filters to fit your needs. Some anime websites may refuse to let you in when they detect that you’re using an ad-blocker, in which case you can temporarily disable uBlock by clicking on its icon.

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Some of the most popular websites for enjoying anime are Crunchyroll and Funimation. These platforms offer a wide variety of anime series and films, ranging from classic titles to the latest releases, and often include English subtitles or dubbing options.

Many anime streaming services operate on a subscription model, providing access to their content library for a monthly or yearly fee. Services like Crunchyroll and Funimation offer tiered premium plans with additional benefits, such as ad-free streaming and access to exclusive content. They might also have a limited selection available for free with ads.

Yes, there are legal ways to watch anime for free online, such as through Crunchyroll’s free tier, which includes ad-supported access to a portion of their library. Other services may offer free trial periods that allow you to watch their content without charge for a limited time.

One method to discover if an anime is available online is by visiting streaming services directly and using their search feature. Alternatively, you can use websites like MyAnimeList that offer databases of anime series and often provide information on where each series can be legally streamed.

Many anime streaming platforms offer mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, enabling viewers to watch their favorite series on the go. These apps retain the same functionalities as their desktop counterparts, including personalized watchlists, episode tracking, and parental controls.

Yes, many streaming services provide the option to watch anime with English dubbing. Funimation, for instance, is particularly known for its extensive library of dubbed anime series.

Streaming services typically offer different video quality options to cater to your internet bandwidth, with some offering HD and 4K streaming for anime series and movies, which ensures a high-quality viewing experience.

Community features like forums, comments, and user reviews are commonly found on anime streaming websites. These allow fans to discuss their favorite series, share recommendations, and engage with the community.

New episodes are often released on streaming platforms shortly after their broadcast in Japan. However, the specific release schedule can vary based on licensing agreements and whether the show is being simultaneously broadcast (simulcast) or not.

Most anime streaming services offer discovery tools such as recommendations based on your watch history, curated collections, and user-driven top lists to help viewers find new anime to enjoy.

If you are using a free tier or an ad-supported version of a streaming service, you will likely encounter advertisements during your viewing experience. Subscribers to premium tiers on services like Crunchyroll have the benefit of ad-free streaming.

Some streaming services do offer a download option for offline viewing. This feature is often reserved for paying subscribers and is not universally available for all anime titles due to licensing restrictions.

If a particular anime isn’t available in your region due to licensing restrictions, a legal option would be to use a VPN service to access the content, ensuring to comply with the streaming service’s terms of service. Alternatively, wait for a potential release in your area or check if a DVD or Blu-ray version is available for purchase.

Yes, many streaming services have libraries that include both new releases and older, classic anime series. The availability might vary between services, so you may need to shop around to find specific older titles.

Streaming services usually offer a history feature or allow you to mark episodes as watched, which helps in keeping track of your viewing progress automatically. Some platforms also send notifications for new episodes of shows you are following.

Some services offer account sharing features, like the creation of multiple profiles or family plans, allowing others to use your account simultaneously without disturbing your watch history. However, always check the service’s terms to understand their policy on account sharing.

Yes, some streaming services acquire exclusive rights to certain anime series or films, making them the only place where you can legally watch those titles online. For example, certain anime may be found exclusively on Funimation or Crunchyroll.

Some anime streaming services, such as Crunchyroll, provide additional content like manga, which can be read online, and news or feature articles related to anime and Japanese pop culture.

Reputable anime streaming services typically offer customer support to address any technical or account-related issues that subscribers may encounter. Support is usually accessible through email, live chat, or help centers.

New anime series are often added each anime season, which occurs four times a year, lining up with the seasons in Japan: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Many platforms update their library regularly to include new seasonal titles.