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In September 2020, FMovies, the popular online streaming site with free movies and TV shows, lost control of its main Sweden-based domain, If you visit the domain, you’ll be instantly redirected to a site that displays nothing but ads.fmovies

Fortunately, it’s still possible to access FMovies via the domain name, but nobody knows if that won’t change in the future. FMovies—along with GoStream, Movie4K, and PrimeWire—is monitored by the United States Trade Representative, a government agency responsible for developing and recommending United States trade policy to the President of the United States.

Best Fmovies Proxy Sites

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The sad truth is that FMovies could be shut down at any moment, leaving its long-time users without a reliable source of free movies and TV shows.

To prepare for this eventuality, we highly recommend you familiarize yourself with the top 7 best alternatives to FMovies, which are listed below.


Top 7 Best Alternatives to FMovies


1. IOMovies

iomovies vs fmovies

IOMovies is one of the best online streaming sites of 2020, and we expect its popularity to only increase in 2020. Modern design is an important part of the IOMovies online streaming experience. Trending movies are displayed right on the homepage, along with their IMDb ratings and useful metadata. When you open a movie, you can see its director, cast, runtime, genre, and year of release. Registered users can add movies to their watchlists and receive personalized recommendations based on their previous activity. Most movies are hosted on at least one alternative server, but some are on as much as four servers at the same time, so stumbling upon a broken link is hardly ever an issue.

2. 123Movies

fmovies alternatives

123Movies is one of the best alternatives to FMovies because of its clean layout, great selection of movies and TV shows, and fast servers. Of course, 123Movies, just like all other online streaming sites on this list, doesn’t host any content on its servers. Instead, it relies on third-party content providers to host everything on its behalf. Still, you can notice that 123Movies isn’t hosted on some shared web server in a third-world country with a poor internet connection by how responsive the site is. When you click on a movie, it opens in a snap, and that’s how we like it.

3. SolarMovie

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SolarMovie is an attractive online streaming site with a wide selection of content of all genres. The site keeps an up-to-date list of popular IMDb movies and TV shows, making it incredibly easy to find something worth your time when you want to relax on a Friday night. SolarMovie uses a fantastic HTML5 video player that allows you to load external subtitles and download content to your computer. All content is provided by non-affiliated third parties, and multiple mirrors are typically available.

4. Rainierland

rainerland vs fxmovies

Rainierland looks as if it was launched a week ago, but the site has actually been around for quite a while. We don’t know why its administrators don’t give it the polish it deserves, and we don’t care too much. What matters the most is content, and Rainierland has lots of it. The site’s homepage conveniently lists newest and trending movies, and it automatically adds the next set of movies when you reach the bottom. Unfortunately, Rainierland is missing one important feature: categories. The only way how to find content on the site is the search bar located right next to Rainierland’s logo.

5.  PutLocker

best fmovies alternative

If Rainierland looks unfinished, PutLocker looks downright outdated. Yes, the site won’t win any awards for its design, but you know what? It doesn’t matter. When you watch movies and TV shows in full screen, you don’t notice that the background image looks suspiciously like the logo of Ubuntu Linux, and you’re also not reminded of how well-organized the web was before modern design trends ruined it. For certain movies and TV shows, PutLocker lists as much as 100 different mirrors, giving you many alternatives to choose from should you stumble upon a broken link.

6. DeepMovie

fxmovies similar site

When you enter DeepMovie, the site presents you with a prominent search bar behind which are all the movies and TV shows you can think of. All content is properly categories, and the categories you can find on DeepMovie include action, comedy, drama, history, mystery, thriller, adventure, crime, family, horror, romance, war, animation, documentary, fantasy, music, science fiction, and western. You can also browse movies by release year and country.

7. CineBloom

unblock fmovies

CineBloom is an aspiring online streaming site with a goal to spread some love and give you the taste of the amazing free world of online movie streaming. The site has managed to accomplish what it set out to accomplish, but we wish that it wouldn’t be so polluted with ads. It’s hard to click on a link without a pop-up window appearing out of nowhere and blocking half of your screen with ads for adult online games, shady web services, or other online streaming sites. And that’s with an ad-blocker turned on. We wouldn’t even dare to visit the site without one.


How to Stream Movies Anonymously

Internet service providers are known for blocking access to online streaming sites like FMovies because they don’t like how much bandwidth they take and because they are sometimes pressured by copyright watchdogs to assume a strong anti-piracy stance.

Fortunately, there’s a way how you can enjoy online streaming even when your internet service provider decides to block it. With a virtual private network (VPN) service, you can protect all data you send and receive over the internet and make it impossible for anyone to see what you’re up to.

There are many VPN services you can choose from, but the one we recommend the most is NordVPN, which is based in Panama and routes all user’s internet traffic through remote servers located in 62 countries around the world.fmovies proxy

 Getting started with NordVPN is easy:

NordVPN works on Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox.

  1. Go to:
  2. Choose a plan that’s right for you.
  3. Create an account.
  4. Select a payment method.
  5. Complete your order and download the NordVPN client.


There’s a big sword handing over the head of FMovies. The site is actively monitored by the United States Trade Representative, which means that it could be shut down at any moment. If you use FMovies to watch free movies and TV shows, you should prepare for its potential shutdown by bookmarking at least some of the top 7 best alternative online streaming sites listed in this article.