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Refresh Updated: 1 December. 2022
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Let's Dance to Joy Division Pt 17

WHOOPS BETMIR'S BACK one day I'll make a wholesome animation with them but n o t t o d a y This MAP is hosted by Avaloser (and when you said you read ...

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The Man Who Sold The World

This one is me and my Boyfriend having fun playing around and singing songs and shit!! We're not professionals(obviously)but it was definitely fun, so yeah!

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| New Soul Meme | Collab with Angel Luna |

New soul Meme | Collab | ————————————————- I wanted to post another thing. So 3 uploads on one day! —————————————————...

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yay Songs : - Adventure Club & Krewella - Rise & Fall - NEFFEX - Rumors - DIGY - Tragedy Ft. KIRSCH - Melanie Martinez - Alphabet Boy ...

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[Flipaclip] Eyes blue like the Atlantic - Amv

Yeah I took a little break from animation memes but this was actually easier then I thought it would be! I just broke up for half term! :D please enjoy!

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[Flipaclip] Fantasize - Meme

Alternative title: Red devil" Firro v.s "Six Gun" Bill This took over a week and I tried alot of new things here! Tell me any criticism in the comments! Story for those ..."

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New Soul || Meme

A short little meme featuring my friends ( @^w^@) Original by Happy Chan- https://youtu.be/jvH9RgMci9Q *I only own Momo (my Fursona) Libra belongs to ...

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New soul meme (gacha life) oof

I to lazy to put more So yeah now going make video drawing xc but of you guys want more guys i will make And i use Fliaclip + IbisPaint + gacha life Yeah i hope ...

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Thunder clatter map parts 13 & 14

Here it is after long last! this part was a long time coming but it was only because i was taking my time with it and not really rushing! but that being said this ...

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