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Refresh Updated: 1 June. 2020
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Wargaming Europe

Welcome to the Wargaming European Community YouTube channel! Subscribe to get all the latest, coolest content from Wargaming's Community team and see ...

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World of Warships Patch 0.7.6 Test Server

Japanese gunboats! Tier 8 Operations! Night Battles! The Arsenal! Other things I can stick an exclamation mark on! It's all here on the 0.7.6 Public Test Server.

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[EN] King of the Sea IX - NA vs. EU Clash

Join us for an epic showdown as the top three teams from EU and NA battle it out! Broadcast live from Prague with special guests Flamu and Izolate. Keep an ...

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Weekly EU Community Stream - Let's look at update 0.8.11

Join the European team for a relaxed evening of World of Warships - this is your chance to hang out with us and ask questions about our brand-new update!

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World of Warships - IFHE yes or no?

I've been meaning to make this video for few days now but I never find the time and I'm sick currently so I decided, I gotta do it while I still can. In this video I'm ...

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[DE] Home Office mit eurem deutschen Team

Wir sind live auf Deutsch - schaut vorbei und macht mit! Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!

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Västeras im Hafen & angespielt in World of Warships auf Deutsch/German

Västeras T6 Pan/EU angespielt in World of Warships auf Deutsch/German #worldofwarships Livestreams auf Twitch: Teamkrado ...

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World of Warships - New Massa still rocks

New Massa, after IFHE rework still kicks ass. If you go without IFHE your secondaries won't be of much use but if you do go for IFHE, they will still kick ass.

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World of Warships - Bad Advice: Make a Holiday!

To keep up to date with our latest development, contests and events visit Follow us on Facebook: ...

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King of the Sea VIII - Server Clash CIS vs EU

Tune in for the official King of the Sea VIII broadcast live from St Petersburg to find out whether EU or CIS will win this epic server clash! Schedule (in CET ...

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World of Warships - It's All About ME!

It's not all about you!" they said. Well

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King of The Sea VI: Semifinals and EU Final [World of Warships]

The Semifinals and EU final will be broadcast live from Saint Petersburg, the heart of World of Warships development. Tune in to watch our hosts MrConway and ...

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World of Warships - New Daring is even stronger

After the IFHE rework, new Daring is now even stronger because it no longer needs IFHE (since it gives him basically nothing) and it frees up 4 more points ...

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Waterline. Submarines Q&A | World of Warships

Captains! We're pleased to announce that the submarines Beta Test is set to start really soon! We've already informed you about the first submarine branches in ...

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World of Warships - PAN-EU DDs are coming to WoWS

Brand new tech tree line of PAN-EU DDs is coming to World of Warships soon and it's mostly Swedish DDs atm but there will be DDs from all over Europe in the ...

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